AF100 Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just purchased the World's MOST
Advanced Air Treatment Method.


  1. Size of room or area for the AF100: In order to stay below 0.05 ppm at any given time, theoretically the size of the room should be 10600 cubic feet or approx.1200 sq ft. The smaller the area the higher the ozone concentration in ppm.
  2. Pick an area with good circulation near an electrical receptacle.
  1. The unit should be mounted high on a wall with a small nail through the top mounting bracket except in bathrooms because steam tends to rise. Mounting high will keep the unit cleaner with less dust buildup and ozone is heaver than air and will fall to the floor.
  2. Do not install directly in front of pets such as birds or in their cages.
  3. If the concentration levels are above normal, move unit to a larger area.
  1. NO maintenance is required.
  2. Ozone is a strong oxidizer and should oxidize any buildup of contaminates. If yearly cleaning is required, unplug the unit and remove the four cover screws and use a fine brush to clean the wire around the dielectric cell.
  3. Using hair sprays around the purifier will collect on the cell and require cleaning.
  4. Do NOT use in high steam conditions, when showering without a proper exhaust fan.
  • This unit is warranted free of defects for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.
  • In case of malfunction, return to the distributor or supplier together with proof of purchase.
  • This unit is NOT guaranteed against abuse.
  • This unit is not guaranteed against damage from acts of God such as lightning.
No ozone from unit Power not connected Check electrical connections
No ozone from unit Breaker or GFCI tripped Check for correct voltage
No ozone from unit Defective lamp or component Replace defective unit
No ozone from unit Blown Fuse Replace fuse