The ALKALIZER™ is the product of an innovative technology that filters, then changes tap water through an electrolysis process. This process produces two types of water: one is alkaline which is used for consumption and the other is acidic for external applications. Each of these waters have unique properties that can enhance the quality of our health.

1. Tap water is filtered by activated charcoal.
2. Water is electrolyzed (+- electrodes)
3. Reduced & Oxidized Water are then produced.
4. Alkaline Water processed (internal uses)
5. Acidic Water processed (external uses)
The smaller mineral clusters, as measured by the use of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance device is a more hydrating water than normal tap water. Through electrolysis large tap mineral clusters are reduced from their original size. The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability.
Oxidation of healthy cells by too much oxygen (free radicals) in the body, breaks down the cells, making them susceptible to disease. Alkaline Water readily donates its abundant electrons to render excessive free radicals harmless so that they do not "steal" electrons from healthy living cells. Our bodies need to be able to eliminate or buffer over acidic conditions caused by diet, stress, physical activity, toxins and other sources. The electrolysis process concentrates available alkaline minerals in the source water to aid the buffering systems in the body.
Adequate of pH - though dependant upon the source water, the unit produces an adequate range of pH through the five level settings. These settings are computer controlled and has the ability to stabilize the pH of the output water after electrolysis.
Item Description of Specifications
Model The Alkalizerô
Rated Voltage 1.8A
External Dimensions Width 11" x height 13" x depth 6"
Product weight Appro. 8.8 lbs.
Water intake volume 1.7 gpm (1.2 gpm for alkaline quantity)
[automatic flow volume adjustment using quantity valve]
Water specific gravity Alkaline water (2.25)
Acidic water (1.0) constant
Processed water volume Approx. 25,000 (water volume when the processed concentration reaches 0.4 PPM when the amount of chlorineremaining in the tap water is 2 PPM)
Water pressure used 9.9 85.2 PSI
pH automatic selection Automatically selected to a healthy ion concentration of pH 9 to 10 by the neutral computer (4 selectable settings
Electrolysis function Construction: Long-life platinum baked titanium micro electrodes (+)(-). All electrodes are used.
Control: Total rectifier switching control (0-40V multi-stage variable)
Capacity: Max pH 11 (alkaline water) to pH 3 (acidic water)
Electrolysis tank cleaning Automatically cleaned after each use, compulsory restart (at next electrolysis)
Filtered water function Composition: Special fibrous activated carbon
Construction: One-touch replaceable filter cartridge
Function: Very fast absorption speed. Little pressure loss, high flow volume. No microdust from activated charcoal.
Life: Approx. 1 year depending on usage.
Filter cartridge replacement The replacement time is calculated and based on the accumulated flow volume and notice is given by the indicator light. (LED)
Accessories 1. Hoses for tap water, alkaline water, acidic water and waste water.
2. Diverter
3. Diverter adapter (8 types)
4. Tester set (pH tester, pH chart, pH vial)
5. Screws for wall mounting

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Revised 8/31/09