Introducing A BREAKTHROUGH In Gas Tube "Rife" Technology

BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit

The BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit!

NOTE: The above REFURBISHED Unit is AVAILABLE for sale, while quantities last.

The BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit is the LATEST BREAKTHROUGH in "Rife" Clinical Research Instrumentation and is in a Price Range that Non-Clinical Researchers can AFFORD. This Unit is UNIQUE, because it has the CAPABILITY of Multi-Frequency Tuning. The BioTec2000 Rays Tubes Unit is RF-Powered, since Radio-Frequency Energy transmits a SPECIFIC Audio Frequency MORE EFFICIENTLY to EVERY Cell of the Body.

BioTec2000 Science has EXTENDED Royal Raymond Rife's Frequency Unit Research and Gas Tube Technology with 2 - Glass Tubes, which are placed DIRECTLY against the Body, thus permitting VERY EFFICIENT Harmonic Frequency Transmission. Various Gas Mixtures and Pressures, plus Waveforms and R.F. Carrier Waves were tested during 2 Years of INTENSIVE Laboratory Research, so that you can be ASSURED that the BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit will deliver OPTIMAL Results! Our Clinical Research Stage also had included, working with a WELL-KNOWN Sports Team at a Colorado Clinic.

Gas Tube Technology:

The BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit is a State-Of-The-Art Unit, having 2 - Quartz Glass Tubes, which are evacuated of Air, Fire-Quenched, and FILLED with a Combination of Inert Gasses known as the "Noble" Gasses.

Radio-Frequency Energy ionizes these "Noble" Gasses in the 2 - Glass Tubes into a Plasma State, passing through the Glass, and then penetrating EVERY Cell in the Body of the Experimenter.

The Radio-Frequency Energy is produced by Electronic Circuitry, deriving it's Signal from a Pulse Repetition Rate in the Audio Frequency Spectrum. This Pulse Rate has been PROVEN over a LONG Period of Time to be BENEFICIAL to the Human Body, MUCH like NORMAL Exercise.

The BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit, being Monopolar, has ONLY 1 Wire connected to each of the 2 - Glass Tubes, so that when the Tubes are used on an Area of the Body, that Area absorbs the Modulated Audio and R.F. Carrier Energy with a Return Path of the Circuit being COMPLETED through the Capacitance of the Body. Stated SIMPLY, the Body COMPLETES the Circuit between the 2 Glass Tubes.

NOTE: The above BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit is NOT a Stand-Alone Unit! It uses a 86 KHz. Transmitter and 2 - Glass Tubes along with the BioTec2000 Frequency Instrument to RADIATE ANY Frequency to ANY particular Area(s) of the Body, where this applied Frequency is NEEDED. The BioTec2000 Ray Tubes Unit can ONLY be connected to the BioTec2000 Frequency Instrument, so that this POWERFUL Combination can MORE EFFICIENTLY radiate ANY NEEDED Frequency to a SPECIFIC Area of the Body, especially where there is an ABNORMAL Growth, Inflammation and/or Swelling!

Front Panel Includes: 1 - L.E.D. Pilot Lamp, Amplitude Control, 1 - ON/OFF Switch & 2 - Banana Jacks.

Standard Accessories Include: 2 - Glass Ray Tubes + 2 - Cables (w/2 - banana plugs), 12 Volt Power Supply & Operating Instructions (1 page).

Dimensions: 4 7/8" H. X 8 1/2" W. X 9 1/4" D.

The Warranty is 2 Years on Parts and 2 Years on Labor.

Before you purchase the preceding BIO-ELECTRONIC STIMULATOR, please read ELECTROTHERAPY DEVICE - DISCLAIMER & PRECAUTIONS. If you want to know your LEGAL 9th Amendment Medical Rights, then please read NOTICE AND DECLARATION ! Also if you're a Healing Practitioner, then please read UNAPPROVED MEDICAL DEVICES - EXEMPTIONS.

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