BioTec2000 Ray Tube
Operating Instructions
  1. Use in the SAME manner as the BioTec2000. The Glass Tubes can be placed as you would the Electrodes, Hand cylinders and Foot Plates. Note: the Experimenter may prefer SHORTER periods of Exposure Time, because of the GREATER efficiency of the Ray Tube. Refer to the BioTec2000 Operating Manual.
  2. Two or MORE People can be treated at ONCE. The Person on the left holds the left-hand Glass Tube, and the Person on the right holds the right-hand Glass Tube. Join Hands to COMPLETE the Circuit. One or MORE People can be placed between those holding the Glass Tubes, ALL joining hands.
  3. The BioTec2000 must of course be turned "ON". The Amplitude Knob on the BioTec2000 does NOT affect the Ray Tube amplitude. Turn the Ray Tube Amplitude Knob ALL the way up to FULL volume. Maintain GOOD Skin Contact on the Glass. Our SUCCESS is owing to a Waveform, that has a HIGH degree of Tissue Acceptance. Using FULL power and FULL Skin Contact makes EFFECTIVE use of the Waveform, that we have selected through EXTENSIVE Experimentation.
  4. Do NOT run HIGHER than 10,000 Hz. (10K).
  5. Do NOT plug or unplug the Tubes, while the Power is switched "ON".
  6. Do NOT run the Instrument WITHOUT the Glass Tubes plugged "IN".
  7. Do NOT use the Ray Tubes on the Head or Face.
  8. Do NOT mix up the Power Supplies, since they are NOT interchangeable.
  9. Do NOT allow the Lead Wires to CROSS, but you may tape them together, side by side.
  10. Do NOT plug in or use ANY Electrodes, Hand Cylinders, or Foot Plates when using the Ray Tube.

NOTE: Do NOT KINK Wires, while holding the Tubes by setting the Wire End of Tubes on your Lap. Because, this will eventually BREAK the Wires.

If the Plasma FAILS to ignite, release the Tube momentarily, then grasp it again. Hold the Glass and NOT the Plastic. This is NOT a Toy. This is a full-scale, Professional Instrument. The Unit was sent to you, because we feel that you are an intelligent, sensible Person and that you will use it SENSIBLY. Read the Manual before operating this Equipment, paying particular attention to the DETOX Information.
The Foot Plates are now equipped with "side-socket" Banana Plugs. This allows you to plug one Plate into the other (the Hand Cylinders already have this capability.) Thus the BioTec Energy can run from BOTH of your Feet, ALL the way through your Body, and through both your Hands. Some have reported BETTER Results, doing this.