O4 Vs. O3 ACTIONS - Basil Wainwright, Ph.D.
O4 in particular has some very UNIQUE responses. It has a PHENOMENAL amount of Electrons, and as a matter of interest in O4, it has 40 Electrons, and that makes it a very POWERFUL Negative Ionising Platform.

Contrary to belief, the O4 Molecule will, during it's Half-Life, demonstrate GREATER stability than the O3 molecule, the latter being MORE AGRESSIVE in an Oxidative role, breaking down in a Step-By-Step Procedure, whereas, the O4 Molecule, following Atomic and Molecular Collisions Electrical Exchange, breaks down into Singlet Oxygen (O1) Atoms INSTANTANEOUSLY, RELEASING ALL of it's 40 Electrons in the Process.

It's very evident then, that O3 has a BETTER oxidative effect, and that is very EFFECTIVE in ELIMINATING Infected Cells, but O4 has the ability because of its Ionisation to actually BREAK-DOWN the RNA, and of course Uracil, which is a very IMPORTANT Sugar Combination--the 5-Carbon in the RNA of a Virus!