PHOTON BLAZE™ - Therapeutic Applications

The PHOTON BLAZE™ should be considered to be an Experimental Biomedical Device. The following applications should be considered as basic protocols to learn how this Biophoton Technology operates and be used "For Experimental Use ONLY".

By law, I must tell you that at NO time should the PHOTON BLAZE™ be used to replace PROPER Medical Treatment, or be considered as a replacement for PROPER Physician care and for ALL medical conditions, please consult your Physician FIRST, before using this Experimental Biophoton Tool.

NOTE: Please see the PHOTON BLAZE™ - Operating Instructions for BASIC Operation. Also, the following treatment instructions are general guidelines and can modified to suit your requirements.

The ACTIVE lighted Area, being emitted by your PHOTON BLAZE™, is about 6-8 inches in diameter. For General Use, this Area is IDEAL for treating LARGER Areas QUICKLY and more EFFECTIVELY. This makes the PHOTON BLAZE™ IDEAL for Pain Management, when SPECIFC Areas need MORE INTENSE Stimulation. This is EXTREMELY USEFUL for CHRONIC Pain Conditions, Dental Pain and Skin Conditions such as Acne, Burns, Insect Bites and Cold Sores.


If dealing with pain, swelling and/or inflammation, shine the single Red Light Beam from the head of the PHOTON BLAZE™ onto the center of the painful area for 3-5 minutes. Next, circle the painful or swollen area in clockwise motions and repeat this process for an additional 3-5 Minutes for each area. REPEAT this treatment session as NEEDED.


Place the head of the PHOTON BLAZE™ against the skin just over the center of the dental pain. Hold the PHOTON BLAZE™ in this position for 3-5 Minutes.


Shine the Red Light Beam about 1/2 inch above the area of the skin to be treated. Move the PHOTON BLAZE™ VERY SLOWLY back and forth, light painting the Area, that is being treated, for 3-5 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times a day or do 1 - 10-15 minute treatment session.

Revised 12/3/13