Pointer Pulse?
The NEXT Generation Hand-Held Locator/Stimulator!

NOTE: Before you purchase the following BIO-ELECTRONIC STIMULATOR, please read ELECTROTHERAPY DEVICE - DISCLAIMER & PRECAUTIONS. If you want to know your LEGAL 9th Amendment Medical Rights, then please read NOTICE AND DECLARATION! Also if you're a Healing Practitioner, then please read UNAPPROVED MEDICAL DEVICES - EXEMPTIONS.

The POINTER PULSE™ is the 1st ALL-IN-ONE Locator/Stimulator, that combines Infrared Laser Therapy with Bio-Electrical Stimulation, allowing both methods of treatment to be used simultaneously. With it's ergonomic design and single grounding plate, this Locator/Stimulator can EASILY be used with either the left or right hand. Bio-Electrical stimulation is initiated with a push button, while stimulation intensity is controlled with a dial. The 650 nm, 5 mW Laser is controlled by a Rocker Switch, which allows the selection of 1 of 3 Modes: "ON" (continuous/solid laser beam), pulsed (10 pps. laser beam) and "OFF" (no laser beam).

SPECIFICATIONS (500 ohm test load)
Output Channel One
Voltage & Current  
Normal Dial 22.5 Volts & 0-45 milliamps
Blue Zone 11.0 Volts & 0-2 microamps
Pulse Width 260 microseconds (?S)
Pulse Shape Asymmetric Bi-phasic Square Wave
With Negative Spike
Pulse Modes Laser Beam: "ON" - Continuous/Solid,
Pulsed - 10 pps. & "OFF" - NONE
Laser Wavelength 650 nm
Maximum Laser Power 5 mW
Skin Impedance Monitor Sound & Green Light
Laser Operation Yellow Light
Power Source 9 Volt Battery
Size, Weight & Color 9.0" x 3.5" x 1", 100 gm. & Beige

Accessories include: 1 - Hand Ground Pole (w/attached wire), 9 Volt Battery, Small Screwdriver (used to adjust point location sound level), Carrying Case and Operating Instructions.

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Revised 5/13/09