TriField Meter

An Essential Home Appliance
For People Sensitive To ELF


The Electric and RADIO/MICROWAVE settings should be LOW (BELOW > the dotted Red Scale) in most parts of Homes or Offices, especially if you cup your Hand in front of the TriField™ Meter or place the TriField™ Meter in a Metal Box. In the country, far from Power lines, the Magnetic Field should also read very LOW (BELOW > .2 milligauss).

High Magnetic Field Sources:

Hold the Meter near these sources, and set the Knob on "MAGNETIC (0-100 range)". Some of these should read GREATER than 10 milligauss on the Top Scale. Your Body or Hand does NOT shield these Fields!


If you can NOT get a Reading GREATER than 10, then test the batery. (If the Battery is BAD, the Meter Needle can NOT go up to FULL Scale).

High Electric Field Sources:

Switch the Knob to ELECTRIC. If you point the top surface of the Meter Box (the surface furthest from your Hand) toward these sources, some should read GREATER than 3 Kilovolts per Meter. (Notice that your Body can easily shield Electric Fields; the reading is LOWER, if you cover the top surface of the Meter with your Hand. Also, the presence of your Hand at the back of the Meter compresses the Electric Field, making it read somewhat HIGHER, than if the Meter were held in that position hanging by a string).


High Radio/Microwave Power Sources:

Switch to RADIO/MICROWAVE and point the top (front) of the Meter toward the following sources. Read the bottom scale. Your Hand can shield the HIGHER Frequencies (Microwave), but NOT LOWER Frequencies.




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Revised 12/21/05