VAPOZONE Detox System II
Oil Ozonation

Please follow these Instructions, thus ensuring SAFE, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT Operation, plus EFFICACIOUS Results with your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator. Step 1 can be ELIMINATED, after the INITIAL setup.
NOTE: Please read each of Steps 1-6 COMPLETELY, before proceeding.

1. Plug the A.C. Plug on the end of the A.C. Cable, which is connected to your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator, into a HIGH Quality A.C. Power Strip (i.e. - Tripp Lite).

2. Fill a TALL (6-8 inches high) slender Olive Jar with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil up to 2 inches, below the rim.
NOTE: Sunflower Oil or Vegetable Glycerine can also be ozonated.

3. Turn the Power/Timer Switch clockwise to turn your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator "ON".
NOTE: There should NOW be an odor of Ozone, coming from the other OPEN end of the Tubing, thus ensuring that your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator is OPERATING properly.

4. Connect the 3" round Limewood Diffuser to the OPEN end of the Tubing, then place it in the bottom of the TALL slender Jar, being FILLED with Oil.
NOTE: Use a Clothespin to clamp the Tubing to the rim of the Jar, being CAREFUL NOT to pinch the Tubing, thus FORCING the Limewood Diffuser to STAY on the BOTTOM of the Jar.

5. Allow the Ozone to bubble through the Oil or Glycerine in the TALL slender Jar CONTINUOUSLY for 7-10 days, and/or until it gets VERY THICK like an Ointment.
NOTE: Apply this Ozonized Solution topically for Skin Conditions, including Burns, Eruptions, Lesions, Rashes, Scars, Wounds, Athlete's Foot, or Fungal Infections. Drink the Ozonized Olive Oil for Internal PROBLEMS, such as Ulcers or Colitis.

6. Turn the Power/Timer Switch counterclockwise to "OFF", when you're FINISHED with your Oil Ozonation.

NOTE: This Ozonated Oil should be refrigerated and used within 6months, due to the eventual RELEASE of the Ozone. It can also be FROZEN in Ice Cube Trays, remaining STABLE in the Freezer for up to 1 year. This Ozonated Oil can be rubbed EXTERNALLY for Skin Conditions and VERY PAINFUL Areas.




Revised 8/25/03