VAPOZONE Detox System II
Vaginal Insufflation Procedure

Please follow Steps 1-13 COMPLETELY, thus ensuring efficacious results with this Vaginal Insufflation Procedure.
NOTE: Step 2 & 3 can be ELIMINATED after the initial setup.

1. Take 250 mgs. - Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) on an EMPTY Stomach, thus ensuring an INCREASED saturation of OZONE into your Bloodstream occurs.
NOTE: If you can't take Niacin, because you have a SENSITIVE Stomach or Blood Pressure Problems, then put 8-10 drops of a STRONG Cayenne Pepper Tincture on your Tongue and if it's too HOT, then add it to and drink it with a SMALL amount of Water. Then proceed with Steps 2 - 4, while waiting for INCREASED Blood Circulation.

2. Plug the A.C. Plug on the end of the A.C. Cable, which is connected to your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator, into a HIGH Quality A.C. Surge Supressor Power Strip (i.e. - Tripp Lite), if you haven't ALREADY done so.

3. Push the open end of the 6 in. section of the 6 ft. Blue Silicone Tubing, onto the Ozone Outlet of your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator.

4. (1) Remove the Cork from the Funnel on your BIOREGENE Nebulizer. (2) Pour Distilled Water SLOWLY through the Funnel, until you've obtained a level of about 1/2" at the bottom of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer. (3) Push the Cork into the Funnel GENTLY, but SNUGLY.
NOTE: Observe the level of Water in your BIOREGENE Nebulizer during your Treatment and then pour MORE Water into your BIOREGENE Nebulizer, when the Level has reached about 1/4".

5. Turn the Timer Power Switch clockwise to 'ON' to turn the Power to your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator "ON".
NOTE: The odor of Ozone should now be coming from the OPEN end of the Tubing, thus ensuring that the NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator is operational.

6. Connect the OPEN end of the 6 ft. Section of Silicone Tubing onto the OPEN Inlet of the T-Connector above the Pinch Control Valve Assembly, that has a 6" Section of semi-clear Silicone Tubing connected to the other side of the T-Connector and it's opposite end connected to the Inlet (bottom) of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer.

7. (1) Hold your Glass BIOREGENE Nebulizer upright with either your right or left Hand, point the Outlet either to left or right. (2) Observe the small Glass Capillary Tubes inside. (3) Turn the Pinch Control Valve Knob clockwise SLOWLY with your opposite hand, while observing the Oil rising up and into the right-angled Capillary Tube. (4) And STOPPING, when the Oil has reached about 1/16" from the end of the right-angled tip. (5) Observe the barely-VISIBLE Vapor streaming FORWARD (and NOT downward) from your BIOREGENE Nebulizer's Outlet.
NOTE: Please do NOT allow the Ozone/Air Mixture flowing from the OPEN Outlet of the Bleeder Valve to blow against the Skin, since it will result in a STRONG Burning Sensation.
The Radio Shack Stand & Clamp (33-370 & 33-372) should be purchased, so that your BIOREGENE Nebulizer can be held during your Vaginal Insufflation Session and also so that you can EASILY see inside of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer, during the Bleeder Valve adjustment procedure described above.

8. Push the OPEN end of a 3 ft. section of 3/8" Clear Tubing, that has a Vaginal Tip at the other end, over the Outlet of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer until it STOPS.

9. Lubricate the Vagina with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

10. Insert the Vaginal Tip as far into the Vagina as is COMFORTABLE.

11. Allow the humidified Ozone/Air Mixture to flow into the Vagina for period of 30 minutes.

12. Turn the Power/Timer Switch counter-clockwise to "OFF", when you've COMPLETED your Vaginal Insufflation Procedure Session.

13. Drink 1/2 hr., after you've COMPLETED your OZOL Inhalation Therapy Session, the following ingredients mixed together: 1 tbl.- Liquid Lecithin, 500 mgs. - Vitamin C (Ester C) Powder and 8 oz. FRESH Fruit Juice (i.e. - Orange or another Citrus - Spring & Summer or Apple or Grape - Fall & Winter), thus ensuring that the Body will absorb the humidified Ozone MORE EFFICIENTLY.
NOTE: Hypoglycemics should REPLACE 4 oz. (or 6 oz.) of Fruit Juice with 4 oz. (or 6 oz.) of PURE Water to DILUTE the Fruit Sugars.


STOP your Vaginal Insufflation Treatment (1 day ONLY) &/or drink MORE Charcoal Slurry, if Detox Reactions, such as Fevers, Cramps, Headaches, Diarrhea, Nausea, Rash, Scratchy Eyes, &/or General Malaise, become UNBEARABLE!
OZONE INCREASES the Cellular Absorption of Drugs &/or Supplements, so REDUCE your usual Dosages.
According to F.D.A. Regulations, OZONE Treatments should NOT be performed, if ANY of these Conditions are present: Intoxication, recent Heart Attack, recent Bleeding, Pregnancy, Hyperthyroidism, Spasms (Cramps), Thrombosis &/or an Ozone Allergy.

Revised 11/3/06