WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument -
User's Guide

NOTE: Also please see and read the enclosed factory User's Manual (pages 23-30) and Frequency Manual, plus the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument - Operating Instructions, and the SPECIFIC Accessory Operating Instructions, that you are operating (i.e. - BIOENERGY AMPLIFIER™, ELECTRO-CELLULAR ENERGIZER I™, ELECTRO-CELLULAR ENERGIZER II™, BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER II™, BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER XL™, BIOPHOTON CLUSTER™, BIOPHOTON WAND™ or PHOTON TORCH XL™).

Your WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument should be plugged into a HIGH Quality Surge Suppressor Power Strip (i.e.- Tripp Lite Isobar 4 Ultra, 6 Ultra or 8 Ultra), thus ensuring SAFE and EFFICIENT Operation.

ATTENTION: Experimental Treatments should NOT be performed, if ANY of the following Conditions are present: Epilepsy, Heart Disease/Irregularities (especially pacemaker patients), Pregnancy, or Stroke (according to FDA regulations).
The following information should be used "FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY" and should NOT be used to diagnose or prescribe treatment of SPECIFIC Diseases (according to FDA regulations).
The WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument should be used "FOR EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY" and should NOT be used in the treatment of SPECIFIC Diseases (according to FDA regulations).
NO Medical Claims should be made, NOR ANY Monies charged for use of the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument, but Donations may be accepted (according to FDA regulations).
The Person receiving Experimental Treatments should also be the individual, who operates the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument him or herself (according to FDA regulations).
You should consult your own personal Physician, before starting Experimental Treatments (according to FDA regulations).

You should also know, that as an American National, you have the COMMON LAW right according to the 9th Amendment of the U.S. CONSTITUTION to medically treat yourself.

Please read and COMPLETELY understand Steps 1 - 6, before looking at the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument - Operating Instructions. ELIMINATE Steps 1 & 2, if the Accessory, that you are using, has DIFFERENT time requirements. Each of the following Steps were developed to achieve SAFE, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT operation of your WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument and to receive EXCELLENT results from your own Experimental Treatments. Please remember to use your Common Sense and GOOD Judgement, while performing your own Experimental Treatments. The following Experimental Treatment Guidelines can be changed slightly to suit your own SPECIFIC Health Condition.

1) Operate your WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument for a TOTAL Experimental Treatment time of 30 mins. MINIMUM to 60 mins. MAXIMUM on up to 8 SPECIFIC Frequencies (i.e. - 60 mins. = 6 frequencies X 10 mins.).
NOTE: Monitor your Experimental Treatment Time of ANY Accessory for each SPECIFIC Frequency with a Digital Timer (i.e. - Radio Shack No. 63-878).

2) Perform your Experimental Treatments 1 - 2 times daily (morning &/or evening - total time - 1 hr.) for 6 consecutive days, then NONE on the 7th day, REPEATING the SAME Cycle for 2 MORE weeks and then DISCONTINUE for 1 week. If the DESIRED Results have NOT been achieved, then REPEAT your Experimental Treatments after the 1 week break, and CONTINUE until the DESIRED Results are achieved.
NOTE: Your Experimental Treatment should ONLY be stopped TEMPORARILY, if UNDUE discomfort is experienced during the Detoxification Process (also see Steps 5 & 6).

3) Drink 1 - 8 oz. glass of .3% H2O2 Solution (see NOTE) on an EMPTY stomach 1 hr. before each of your Experimental Treatments begin, because this Solution will HELP to INCREASE your Body Conductivity and the DESTRUCTION of HARMFUL Anerobic Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Fungi and Yeast.
NOTE: The following is the Formula for the .3% H2O2 Solution. A) Mix 1 part 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Solution with 11 parts PURE Water. B) Now, mix 1 part of this resulting 3% H2O2 Solution with 10 parts PURE Water. The resulting Mixture is the NEEDED .3% H2O2 Solution. Supplements such as Trace Mineral Drops, Trace Mineral Tablets &/or Electrolyte Stamina Tablets can also used be to INCREASE your Body Conductivity.

4) Drink One 8 oz. glass of PURE Water with a liquid or freeze-dryed refrigerated Probiotic Product daily to replenish the friendly Intestinal Bacteria.
NOTE: Probiotic Products are AVAILABLE from Health Food Store or an Internet Website.

5) Drink 6-8 Glasses of Activated Charcoal Slurry (1 tsp./8 oz. - pure water) daily to ADSORB the HIGHER-than-normal amounts of TOXINS, which are NOW in the Bloodstream.
NOTE: Activated Charcoal Powder is AVAILABLE from Tom Harrelson/TOTAL HEALTH Associates/774-D S. Chesterfield Rd./Columbus, OH 43209-2683/614-237-2590.

6) Take a SUPERIOR Laxative & Colon Cleanser (i.e. - Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formulas #1 & #2) daily also (use as directed) to move the Bowels and ADSORB the TOXINS from the Intestines.

Step 3: 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide/Health Food Store or the Internet.
Step 4: Probiotic Product/Health Food Store or the Internet.
Step 5: Activated Charcoal/Tom Harrelson/TOTAL HEALTH Associates/774-D S. Chesterfield Rd./Columbus, OH 43209-2683/614-237-2590.
Step 6: Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formulas #1 & #2/American Botanical Pharmacy/800-437-2362.

Revised 1/22/08