LED Wand -
Operating Instructions

Before starting this Experimental Treatment Protocol, please see the BCX ULTRA Frequency Instrument - Operating Instructions.

By law, I must tell you that at NO time should the LED Wand be used to replace PROPER Medical Treatment, or be considered as a Replacement for PROPER Physician Care and for ALL Medical Conditions consult your Physician FIRST, before using this Experimental Biophoton Device.

1.  Go to ENTERING MANUAL PROGRAMMING and follow Steps 1 - 4.
2.  Follow Step 5 by punching in 10 minutes (Acute Conditions) or 15 minutes (Chronic Conditions).
3.  Follow Step 6.
4.  Follow Step 7 by punching in the NEEDED Specific Frequency (see Frequency/Pulse Rate Chart 1 &/or Frequency/Pulse Rate Chart 2) into one of the 8 AVAILABLE Channels (0 - 7).
5.  Skip Steps 8 & 9 and follow Steps 10 & 11.
6.  Go to RUNNING A MANUAL PROGRAM and follow Steps 1 - 6.
7.  Skip Step 7 and insert the Telephone-Style Plug, which is connected to the LED Wand, into the Telephone-Style Jack on the Front Panel of the BCX ULTRA Frequency Instrument.
8.  Increase the Amplitude Control to the MAXIMUM Setting.
9.  Hold the LED Wand like a Pen and aim it DIRECTLY at the Acupuncture, Trigger, &/or Reflex Point Area at a Distance of 1/4" or less above the Skin. Or "Paint" the PAIN Area of the Body (i.e. - Joints, Involved Muscles, Tumors, etc.) to be treated, tracing 1 inch clockwise Circles with the Red Light.
NOTE:  The Rate with which you trace the Circles can be varied from SLOW to VERY RAPID. Chronic Problems usually respond BETTER with a MORE RAPID Rate.
10.  Skip Steps 8 - 14 and follow Steps 15 & 16.
11.  Perform this Procedure on each Point/Area, that NEEDS to be treated for 3-6 minutes.
NOTE:  Can be done for up to 3 times per day, and each Point/Area can ONLY receive a MAXIMUM Treatment Time per Day of 15 mins..
12.  Continue the Experimental Treatment Protocol until DESIRED Results are obtained.

NOTE: Perform this particular Experimental Biophoton Light Therapy Treatment ONCE daily. If using MORE than 1 Frequency, then switch Frequencies EVERY other Day. INCREASE the time to 15 mins. (Acute)/20 mins. (Chronic) - 2nd week, 20/25 mins. - 3rd week and 25/30 mins. - 4th week. If DETOXIFICATION becomes TOO UNCOMFORTABLE, DISCONTINUE &/or MODIFY your Experimental Biophoton Light Therapy Treatment, but then as SOON as possible, please continue the Experimental Treatment.
According to FDA Regulations, I must tell you to consult your Physician before using your LED Wand. Please realize though that you do have 9th Amendment Rights to treat yourself.

If You're Interested In Seeing Acupoint Charts, Then Please CLICK HERE.

Revised 9/18/10