BCX ULTRA Frequency Instrument
Manual Programming

Programming a Manual Program into the BCX Ultra
  1. Press power on/off button. Then press OK.
  2. Press change- button. Then press OK.
  3. Press change+ button until you get to the desired program. Then press OK.
  4. Press change+ button until you get to the desired electrode/tube combination desired. Then press OK.
  5. Press change + or – button to get desired duty cycle (default 90%). Press OK.
  6. Press change + button until you get the waveform desired. Then press OK.
  7. Get desired pulse rate (default 3.5) by first pressing change + then use the change +, -, back and next buttons to enter desired frequencies then press the OK button to enter a decimal point. Then to enter the number press the ‘next’ key repeatedly until the number enters. Then press OK.
  8. Change the desired electrode intensity by pressing the change + and – buttons. Then press OK.
  9. For ray tube intensity repeat # 8. Then press OK.
  10. Press the change + and – buttons to get the desired run time. Then Press OK.
  11. Soft start: for yes or no press the change+ button. Then press OK.
  12. Auto shut off: for yes or no use the change + button. Then press OK.
  13. For frequency dual or single press the change + button. Then press OK.
  14. To select wave form desired use the change + button. Then press OK.
  15. To enter the desired frequency see #7 for buttons used. For using a carrier (dual) frequency press change - to get either 1.67 1.25 or 1.0 MHZ (1,000,000) HZ. Then press OK twice. Then freq 1b appears ready to enter the desired freq. (repeat #7 to get the desired freq.) Repeat this until all the desired freq are entered into your program.
  16. After each dual set is entered, the machine will ask you, “more freq yes or no”. Then press change+ for the desired response. Then press OK.
  17. Then “save program” appears, press OK.
  18. Then MP 1-256 appears. Then type in the name or number desired by pressing change+ for letters and change- for numbers. Then press next to advance to the next letter or number.
  19. Next, ‘run program yes’ appears, press OK.
  20. Then ‘plug elect (tubes)’ appears, press OK.
  21. Press start now appears, Then press the ‘start/pause’ button.
  22. To replay a program the fast method, press the on/off button, press OK, change -, OK and press the change+ button until you get to the desired program. Important, then hold down the OK button until it flashes to the end. Then it will say press start now.