Buyers Guide to Rife Generators

Does anyone sell a Rife unit like Royal Rife used in his lab? No. His unit would flash for milliseconds to 1/2 minute and kill whatever specimen he had in the field. His machine could be detected miles away. There is no way the FTC would allow a machine like this in our modern day world with that much power. In the 20+ years we have dealt with Rife equipment many people have said, "We have the only true Rife machine." It is all a pack of lies. There is no such animal.

The Hoyland machine came along after Rife built his unit. Hoyland used RF (radio frequency) as Rife did. Hoyland worked in the meg range (millions). Hoyland's unit was actually very successful. Some say that Hoyland used Rife's microscope to find the MOR (mortal oscillatory rates). We also know Hoyland copied some of Rife's Frequencies. Some say that Hoyland got all his frequencies from Rife.

Here is a list of important features to look for in a frequency unit, before you purchase one.
1. The most important feature to look for is a unit using a RF carrier. Rife used RF, Hoyland used RF and this was a big part of their success. The reason is very simple: the audio frequency range that you find listed in the frequency manual that comes with your machine is carried much better with a frequency in a higher frequency range than the audio frequency you are running. We use a high audio frequency to carry the audio frequency that you are experimenting with. The only way you can hear a radio wave (voice) in a brick building in the next town over is the use of RF, because the RF carries the audio. We also know the only way to get deep penetration in the body is with a unit that has a RF carrier frequency built in. Most units on the market today don't use RF.
2. It is very important that the unit you choose has ray tubes. Royal R. Rife used ray tubes and so did Hoyland.
Find a unit that has hand held ray tubes because they complete the circuit by running through the body between the hand held tubes thus guaranteeing that the frequencies flow through the body. The ray tubes produce a much higher voltage than pad devices to push the frequencies deeper into the body. There is the magnetic effect produced by gas filled tubes (that can be tested) that especially used with RF penetrates deeply into the body. Most people prefer the "soft" "energetic" "warm" feel of the glass tubes compared to the electrical tingle felt from the metal electrodes. Many people report that watching and feeling the glass tubes "glow and flow" has a relaxing, calming, softening effect on their body.
Ray tubes deliver a broad spectrum of energies, ranging from infrared, to electromagnetic fields, to electrostatic fields, to conductible electron flow (plain old electricity), to light in the visible spectrum and beyond. The only energy pad devices deliver is plain old electricity.
3. A unit that comes with light emitting diodes (LEDs) is a very good feature. Many good results to your health can be attained by using LEDs, such as better eye sight and clearing up many skin conditions. Faster healing from the LED's and the healing effects from the Rife frequencies combine as a powerful, effective tool.
4. There can certainly be an advantage to a unit that can do the feet and hands at the same time. Many units will come only with hand cylinders, which are good for dealing with an upper body cold. However, someone with circulation problems in the feet and legs would greatly benefit from using a unit with both hand and foot electrodes.
5. People call us up and inquire about a unit that may be in the $500 range and why does yours cost so much more? Twenty two years ago when we started in this business by selling the Scalar Tronix machine, the units sold then were modified function generators off the shelf, which are mass-produced. Rife machine manufacturers generally build a relatively small number of machines so the cost goes up enormously. A function generator is low powered. It will cost more money to build a circuit that has the power required in a Rife machine. Another added cost is crystal control that makes the price go up. Crystal control greatly adds to the accuracy of a frequency that is needed in a Rife unit. An example would be 9.7 Hz for tendons. You don't want 9.6 or 9.8 because your results will be diminished. Another example, 1444Hz is to normalize testosterone in men and 1445 is to normalize testosterone in women. You certainly wouldn't want a male using the machine and have the frequency drift up towards 1445.
By the time you add foot plates, hand cylinders, reusable electrodes (sticky patches), and LEDs, you certainly add to the cost of an off the shelf function generator.
6. Make sure you purchase a machine that actually reads out in Hz. New frequencies come out all the time and you want to have the capability to add these new numbers as they come out.
7. It is important to purchase a unit that has duty cycle and gating. Rife and Hoyland used gating and duty cycle because they knew it made their units more effective.
8. We could have produced a unit with 12 frequencies running simultaneously as a sales gimmick. We didn't do that for the following reason: In the 22 (17 in manufacturing our own frequency units) years we have dealt with Rife technology, we have found that more power worked better. Here is exactly what is happening with say running 6 frequencies simultaneously. Suddenly you have 1/6th the power per frequency that you had when running only 1 frequency at a time. Theoretically, to get the same exposure per frequency you would need to run the program 6 times longer. However, in practice we have found that you need more power to penetrate deep into the body. Therefore, from our experience we have found that the weaker the frequency the more units of electricity you need to destroy microbes. Simply put, you would need to stay on the frequency unit longer doing the 6 frequencies than using 1 frequency at a time.

We are going to toot our own horn here. But as you go through this document, I think you will see why wanting to build the best unit out there, we did what we did.

Our unit does have RF, gating, duty cycle, footplates, hand cylinders, reusable electrodes, LEDs, crystal control, and plenty of power. We use hand held glass tubes to conduct the RF frequency and audio range frequency into the body. Our engineers came up with the idea that with conductors (that is completing the circuit when you hold both glass tubes) you are guaranteeing completing the circuit through your body. We probably know better than anyone else why RF works better than just using the audio frequencies because for the first 2 years we had only the audio. We only had the BioTec 2000. When we added the BioTec 2000 Ray tube unit our results went up through the roof (we renamed our units the BCX211 and BCX411). Yes, we had a good comparison because we had a lot of people calling us with their results using the RF and also just the audio. Our latest unit is called the BCX ULTRA.

Many people ask us, "How do you know which machine to buy? There are so many and they all say they have the original Rife machine." We tell people, "It is simple, just study the features that Rife and Hoyland used and buy a machine that has the most features that their machines had."