Dr. John R. Christopher's Basic Herbalism Course - Audio Cassette Series: Nos. 1 -3

Audio Cassette No. 1 - Side A
1. The Incurables
    A. 3 Types of Incurable People
    B. Danger of pushing a Recovery, when it's against the Will of GOD
2. Healing the Incurable with Garlic
    A. Garlic and Pneumonia
    B. Garlic and Gums
    C. Conclusion
Audio Cassette No. 1 - Side B
3. B & B Tincture
    A. Allowing the Deaf to Hear
4. Sleeplessness (Insomnia & Electricity)
5. Kidneys
    A. Kidney Teas
    B. Parsley (Unknown Healing Powers)
    C. Parsley & Kidneys
    D. Curing Edema with Parsley Root
    E. Difficulty in Voiding Urine
Audio Cassette No. 2 - Side A
1. Lobelia, Master Healer of the INCURABLES
    A. Lobelia Discussed
    B. Lobelia & Asthma
2. Mullein for Glandular Problems
    A. Mullein & Goiters
    B. Mullein & Mastitis
    C. Mullein Saves Boy from Castration in
    D. Mullein & Testicles
    E. Mullein & Sore Throats
    F. Mullein & Bad Swollen Glands
Audio Cassette No. 2 - Side B
    F. Mullein & Bad Swollen Glands (Cont'd)
    G. Mullein for Bleeding Bowels
3. Cancer
    A. Cancer & Emotions
    B. Cleansing the Blood
        (1) Alternative Herbs
        (2) Intro to Red Clover
    C. Liver Cancer
    D. Prostate Cancer
    E. Breast Cancer
Audio Cassette No. 3 - Side A
    F. Tumors & Potassium
    G. Cancer & the Liver
1. Arthritis
    A. Burdock Tea
    B. Other Herbs
    C. Brigham Tea
2. Plantain
    A. Intro to Plantain
    B. Halting Infections & Poisoning
    C. Preparing Plantain
3. Plantain (Cont'd)
    A. Yellow Jacket & other Stings
Audio Cassette No. 3 - Side B
    B. Plantain & Lobelia used to STOP Systemic
    C. Use in Physical Injury
4. Marshmallow Root
    A. Used in Farm Accident
    B. Curing Gangrene
    C. Substitutes for Marshmallow Root
    D. Used for Bedsores
5. Women's Illnesses
    A. Advice for Women, who can NOT Conceive
        (1) Blood Cleansing
        (2) Rh Negative Babies