Dr. John R. Christopher's Basic Herbalism Course - Audio Cassette Series: Nos. 4 - 6

Audio Cassette No. 4 - Side A
    B. Herbal Hormones
    C. Herbal Principals
        a. Cramps
        b. Use of Ginger
    D. Curing Exhaustion with Yellow Dock
1. General Herbal Training
    A. Storing & Preparing Herbs
    B. Herbs vs. Dried Foods
    C. Concentrated Teas
    D. Preparing Ointments
2. Comfrey
    A. Comfrey Paste for Burns
    B. Rare Book Discussed
    C. Comfrey Used in Serious Accidents
Audio Cassette No. 4 - Side B
    D. Comfrey Use in Crushing Injuries
    E. Conclusion, Comfrey Paste Discussed Again
3. Special Formulas & Advice
    A. Wild Yam and Gas Pains
    B. Advice for Undescended Testicle
    C. Advice for Sleeping Sickness
    D. Advice for Sciatica
    E. Advice on the Thyroid
    F. Powerful Anti-Nausea Formula
4. Cayenne
    A. Used to STOP Bleeding
    B. Used for Gunshot
5. Chickweed
    A. Chickweed & Itches
    B. Synthetics
    C. Chickweed Tea
    D. Chickweed Used for Eczema
    E. Chickweed & the Lungs
6. Formula for Regenerating Bones & Nerves
    A. Creation of B, F & C Formula
    B. How It Affects Bones & Muscles
        (1) Thumb Injury
Audio Cassette No. 5 - Side A
        (2) Hernia
    C. Used for Schizophrenia
1. The INCURABLES Program
    A. Spine & Malnutrition
    B. Use of Juices
    C. Use of Wheat Germ Oil & Cayenne
2. White Oak Bark
    A. Introduction
    B. White Oak Bark & Gums
    C. Student's Experience
    D. Regrowing Lost Teeth
    E. White Oak Bark & Veins
        (1) Blood Clots
        (2) Phlebitis
        (3) Varicose Veins & Itching
Audio Cassette No. 5 - Side B
        (3) Varicose Veins & Itching (Cont'd)
    F. Oral Candida
    G. Conclusion
3. Heavy Metal Poisoning
4. Strep Throat
5. The COLD SHEET Treatment
    A. Philosophy
    B. How to Do
    C. Who Can Use
        (1) Young & Old
        (2) Pregnant Women
    D. Conclusion
        (1) Emergencies
        (2) Eye Color Changes
Audio Cassette No. 6 - Side A
1. Slippery Elm
    A. Regrowth of Tissue
    B. Miracle Cure
    C. Conclusion
2. The Heart
    A. Heart Attacks & Emotions
    B. Hawthorn Use
    C. Sassafras Use
3. The Eyes
    A. Restoration of Sight to Blind Baby
    B. Eye Formula
4. Anti-Plague Formula

Audio Cassette No. 6 - Side B
5. Conclusion
    A. Germs & Plagues
    B. Famines & Plagues
    C. Saving Herbs