ENER-V Device - Operating Instructions

NOTE: Please follow Steps 1-10 COMPLETELY for the MOST efficient and efficacious Results.

1. Obtain 2 clear Plastic Water or Soda Bottles of the SAME size (1, 1.5 or 2 Liter).
2. Fill one of these 2 Bottles 2/3 to 3/4 FULL with PURE Water (Distilled, R/O, Deionized or Filtered) and then place them on a flat surface (i.e. - Table or Counter).
3. Screw the ENER-V Device tightly onto the top of the Bottle, containing the PURE Water.
4. Screw the EMPTY bottle tightly into the opening of the ENER-V Device.
5. Turn the Bottles COMPLETELY over with the PURE Water Bottle on the top.
6. Hold tightly onto the top Bottle with your MAIN Hand and the bottom Bottle with your other hand and then rock the top bottle around in a Counter-Clockwise Motion (about 6 inch circle), until a SMALL Whirlpool (Vortex) STARTS.
NOTE: Restart in a Counter-Clockwise Motion, if the Vortex STOPS.
7. Allow the Water to COMPLETELY drain from the top Bottle into the bottom Bottle.
8. Repeat Step 6, but START the Vortex going Clockwise this time.
9. Allow the water to stand for 6 minutes.
10. Drink this Vortex-Energized Water NOW &/or as needed up to 12 hours afterwards.

NOTE: If you get a DETOX Reaction, when drinking the Vortex-Energized Water, then drink Activated Charcoal Slurry (1 tsp. - activated charcoal powder per 8 oz. - PURE Water/3 - 6 times per day for 1 - 3 days or until the detoxing STOPS).

Revised 6/20/11