Dr. John R. Christopher's Herbalism Course
Dr. John R. Christopher was a World-Renown Master Herbalist and Naturopathic Physician, who wrote The School of Natural Healing, The COLD SHEET Treatment, plus MANY other Books.
If you're interested in Herbal Therapy and you're just beginning to learn or you want to learn MORE, then you do NOT want to MISS this GREAT Opportunity to see these WONDERFUL Videos!
In this Series of Videos, you're going to learn what Herb(s), that you NEED to use for a particular Health Problem(s) and how to use them for BEST RESULTS!

Two Volumes are going to be shown each Night with a BREAK in between each Volume.
DONATIONS will be accepted to HELP defray the cost of Rent and Copies.
Date & Time: AUGUST 6th thru 27th, 1999 on Friday Night @ 7P.M.-10 P.M.
Location: 2923 Calumet St. (Building adjacent to and North of Clintonville Community Market - corner of Crestview Rd. & Calumet St.).
Name & Phone No.: Tom Harrelson/237-8708.