• VOLUME NO. 1: (1) The Natural Healing Revolution Begins! (2) Dr. Richard Schulze's Personal Healing Miracles. (3) What Natural Healing Is NOT!

  • VOLUME NO. 2: (1) The Difference Between Natural Healing and Medical Intervention. (2) What Determines Your Level of Health? (3) The Foundation of Natural Healing (Simplicity, Change and Responsibility. (4) Blockage: The Cause of ALL Disease!

  • VOLUME NO. 3: Elimination: The FIRST Step.

  • VOLUME NO. 4: Dr. Schulze's 3 Healing Food Programs.

  • VOLUME NO. 5: (1) Natural Child Birth, Natural Death, Dangers of Suppression, Diabetes and Enzymes. (2) Dr. Schulze's 3 Healing Food Programs (Cont'd).

  • VOLUME NO. 6: Movement, Circulation and Hydrotherapy.

  • VOLUME NO. 7: The Healing Power of Your Mind and Emotions.

  • VOLUME NO. 8: (1) Immunization, A.I.D.S., SuperTonic, and the Snuff Experience. (2) Healing Testimonials, Healing Animals with Herbs and MORE on Natural Healing.

    In this Series of Videos, we are going to learn ALL of the NATURAL and POWERFUL Healing Methods, that Dr. Schulze used to HELP CURE Terminally-Ill People and Animals! We will see 1 VOLUME each night, starting at 7:15 P.M. SHARP and taking a 15 min. BREAK at 8:30 P.M. Collection of money is NOT permitted on CAS property and Food or Drinks will NOT be allowed in the Auditorium per CAS Policy.

    DATES/TIMES: Friday Nights/September 3rd - 24th & October 1st - 22nd, 1999/7 P.M. - 10 P.M.
    NOTE: Stay tuned for ANY Changes in the Schedule, that might possibly occur, and also for MORE Videos, that will be shown in the future, either at CAS or at another possible location.

    LOCATION: If interested in coming to Video Nite, please call Tom @ 237-8708 for the location and for directions (if needed).

    Donations would be much appreciated. Please send to and/or make arrangements with:
    Tom Harrelson/P.O. Box 9872/Columbus, OH 43209/237-8708.

    Dr. Richard Schulze is now being acclaimed as the World's FOREMOST Authority on Natural Healing and Herbal Therapy. He operated Natural Healing Clinics in New York, Southern California and Europe for almost 20 years up until 1994. He still teaches throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia and has for the past 17 years. He has designed Natural Therapy Programs, which have assisted tens of thousands of people worldwide to create MIRACLES and regain their Health!