Miracle Herbs for Everyday Emergencies
Sam Biser, Editor - The Sam Biser Health Report and Dr. Richard Schulze,
Medical Herbalist and Naturopathic Physician

You and/or your loved ones are MORE than likely going to have an EMERGENCY Health Problem at sometime, and if you’re into Natural Health, then you’re going to want to produce and store Herbal Preparations to be used to HELP you and/or your loved one to be HEALED! You're especially going to NEED to BE PREPARED AHEAD of Time during ANY EMERGENCIES, such as Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricane, Tornados, Wilderness Survival, Y2K, or ANYTIME, when there could be NO HERBS AVAILABLE!!

You’re going to learn the EXACT HERB and/or HERBAL Combination in these Two Videos that you should use for your particular EMERGENCY Health Problem(s) and how to use these SPECIFIC Herbs for OPTIMAL Results, plus how to choose the VERY HIGHEST-QUALITY Herbs! Handouts will also be given out, DETAILING the HERBS and HERBAL Combinations that you will see in the Videos.

Date & Time: October 29th on Friday Night @ 7P.M. - 10 P.M.
Location: 2923 Calumet St. (upstairs in the building adjacent to and North of the Clintonville
Community Market at the corner of Crestview Rd. & Calumet St.).
Contact Name & Phone No.: Tom Harrelson @ 237-8708.

DONATIONS will be accepted to HELP defray the cost of Rent and Copies.