The MazzeiŽ Injector and Ozone Injection

Ozone has been used in potable water treatment since the late 18th century. Ozone (O3), a naturally occurring allotrope of oxygen has the highest oxidation potential of all commercially available oxidants. Inorganic and organic materials will be oxidized by Ozone more rapidly and at lower residual concentrations than other chemicals.
Ozone is becoming the primary oxidant of choice in many water and waste water applications. Published C X T values for Parasites like giardia cyst, cryptosporidium oocyst, virus and bacteria indicate a significant advantage for Ozone. The key to the use of Ozone has been the efficient transfer of Ozone gas to solution and effective removal of untransfered and entrained gas.

The MazzeiŽ Venturi Injector Makes The Best Ozone Systems - BETTER!

Independent test have now proven that Ozone gas injected into water streams through the trouble-free MazzeiŽ Injector, produces a significantly higher transfer of Ozone into the water than previously used methods. This significantly "higher" transfer is accomplished by the creation of "Micro-Bubbles" of Ozone that are intensely mixed into the Shower Water stream.
As the Ozone enters the Shower Water stream, it implodes into small "Micro-Bubbles" which are aggressively mixed with the water. These "Micro-Bubbles" provide an exceptionally large surface area in which Ozone can transfer efficiently into the
Shower Water stream.