Josef Hasslberger

I propose that magnetism is associated with the spin of a particle or mass and that the magnetic field is caused by a dual macroscopic vortex in the background of space, converging on the particle or mass, which polarizes two separate regions of space into a difference of potential.(fig. 1) What we call magnetic field lines are not field lines at all, but simply the intervening space between two poles of different potential, held in place in space by the source of magnetism. One might also call this phenomenon a distortion or stress of space background. The electric current induced in a conductor that cuts "magnetic field lines" is an alleviation of the stress of space background.

Polarity of magnetic stress is determined by the direction of spin of the vortex. Magnetic poles repel if the associated vortices are of the same direction of spin, they attract if their spins are diverse.

Permanent magnets cause the vortices and consequent stress of space fabric by a permanent alignment of their nuclear spin.

The magnetic field around a conductor in which an electric current flows, is a consequence of the alignment of the spin of the charges moving along that conductor.

Physicists have been looking, so far without success, for a magnetic "monopole", a magnetic phenomenon that has only a single pole. If magnetism, as postulated here, is a stress phenomenon, then it is clear why the monopole could not be found.

Planetary systems, contrary to what is widely believed, are not held together by gravitation. The orbits of planets are determined by magnetic potentials built up by the central body. The moon rotating around the earth as well as the planets in their orbits around the sun are guided and held by magnetic forces rather than by an equilibrium between gravity and centrifugal force. Such an equilibrium would be inherently unstable. Certainly gravitation and centrifugal force are present and do have an influence, but what determines the exact well defined and layered orbits are magnetic forces.

On a nuclear level, the strong force holding atoms together and determining electron orbits could well be the same magnetic force.


In summary, we have electromagnetic waves as a wave-like agitation of background space, proceeding through space in a spherical, shell-like pattern and generating particles at point of impact.

Gravity and inertial forces are caused by linear motion of a mass against the background of space.

Magnetism is caused by a macroscopic vortex motion of the space background itself, polarizing the space background into north and south poles.

These different phenomena are all associated with motion of the space background or primordeal energy field, various types of motion resulting in diverse energetic manifestations.

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