Magnetic Water Treatment is achieved, using a Permanent Ceramic Magnet(s), which requires NO Electrical Source.

Water Ions, which are Charged Particles, are present in Water, and in particular in HARD Water. These Ions can be made to MOVE around in Water that is subjected to a Magnetic-Field under the influence of what is known as the Lorenz Force. This Magnet is positioned such that the North Pole/Negative Polarity Magnetic Field is applied in the Direction that is perpendicular to the flowing Water. As the Water Ions flow through the Magnetic Field, the Positive and Negative Ions, i.e. the Cations and Anions, are SEPARATED.

Scale Deposition, which occurs when the Water is heated, is believed to be a Crystallization Process, which requires the presence of a "Seed" to start it. The Flow with the Separated Ions appears NOT ONLY to LACK the Seeds, but also act as a VERY SMALL ERODING Force on the EXISTING Deposition, which, in time, REMOVES IT ENTIRELY from the System. The ACTUAL Mechanisms for these Processes are NOT WELL ENDERSTOOD, but the Experimental Evidence is VERY SUBSTANTIAL.

These Magnetic Devices can be considered as "Pseudo" Softeners for HARD Water. They do NOT ALTER the HARDNESS Levels in the Water, but in addition to DETERRING the Depositions in Water Lines (and Blood Vessels), they also REDUCE the Surface Tension of the Water, thereby INCREASING it's "Wetting" Properties. The Surface Tension is what holds Droplets of Water TOGETHER and also accounts for the "Meniscus" or SLIGHT Rise in the Surface Level of the Water at the inside of a Glass or other Holding Vessel. The LOWER Surface Tension allows the Water to make contact MORE READILY within the Body.

The LESS EXPENSIVE Devices are designed to clamp onto the Pipe, carrying the Water and have Numerous Shapes and Sizes. Undoubtedly there are some Devices, which are MORE EFFICIENT than other Devices.

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