Polarity Reflex Test

The Polarity Reflex is where the body continually gives-off EXCESS Electricity, that the brain releases. Test this reflex on someone by having him/her extend out his/her arm and hold it parallel to the floor, having the elbow LOCKED. Exert downward pressure on his/her arm on top of the wrist. Do NOT try to OVER-POWER him/her, but just press HARD enough to get a general idea of the strength of his/her arm. Now touch the Polarity Reflex (see sketch above) with the tip of your index finger and press down on the wrist again. His/her arm will suddenly become WEAK and he/she can NOT resist this downward pressure. If he/she is in REVERSE Polarity, then he/she will be STRONG! The tester should be tested FIRST by someone, who is NOT in REVERSE Polarity to be SURE he/she is NOT in REVERSE Polarity.
NOTE: If someone is NEEDED to be a Surrogate for the Person, who is being tested, then the Surrogate has to put his/her left or right hand on top of the right shoulder of the Person, who's being tested and then the Surrogate must extend his/her opposite arm.