TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  Special Issue No. 10
Sam Biser & Dr. Richard Schulze
Edited By Tom Harrelson (Revised 1/28/08)

"A Woman With Diabetes Was Saved From Amputation, Using the Methods, that You Are About to Read!"

SCHULZE: I had a woman named Helen, who was a Hairdresser, and whom her Family ACTUALLY brought in to see me. She had Diabetes, and had been using Insulin intravenously for years and the ONLY reason, that they brought her in to see me was because her Doctors were going to AMPUTATE her Legs!

The Circulation in her Legs had DEGENERATED to a point, where she already had Gangrene in one of her legs, and the Doctors just wanted to CUT her legs OFF! Which is something, that happens in ADVANCED Stages of Diabetes. I have had LOTS of people, who come to me, but she was about as FAR GONE as they get! In fact, they said she might NOT even SURVIVE the Surgery, because her Blood Sugar was so Out-of-Control!
We've talked about things, that we can do for Blood Sugar and one of the MAJOR things is to STOP eating Sugar! A LOT of people do NOT get that, and they do NOT think of ALL of the things, that they're eating, that have Refined Sugars or Sweeteners in them.

"Garlic Has Been Proven in University Studies to NOT Only Reduce Your Blood Sugar, but to Also Increase Your Own Insulin Production."

Garlic is a GREAT Healing Herb for people, who have Diabetes, but it's an Herb, that LOTS of people OVERLOOK!
This Woman took LOADS of FRESH Garlic, because in the "INCURABLES" Program, you take at least 3 Cloves of FRESH Garlic EVERY day. She used a LOT MORE than that!
We also treated her Legs with HOT and COLD Water Therapy and Body Work, plus Cayenne Pepper and Ginger Root Fomentations to INCREASE the Circulation and get the Blood flowing again in her Legs, especially in the Areas, which were turning Dark Purple to Black, because the Blood Flow had STOPPED and they were DEAD!
For the Tea used in this Fomentation, use 2 quarts of Distilled Water and 1/2 cup Cayenne Pepper (HOTTEST, that you can find - NOT the 40,000 Heat Units stuff) and 1/2 cup FRESH, Chopped Ginger Root.

BISER: You mean her leg was going to Gangrene?
SCHULZE: Oh ABSOLUTELY! The Doctors had ACTUALLY used the term, Gangrene. It had started in her right Leg, lower Calf and her Ankle, and they suggested that it would NOT get ANY BETTER and her Diabetes was so Out-of-Control, that they wanted to SAVE her, by CUTTING her Legs OFF!

And at that point, she WOKE UP! It's AMAZING! Some people have to go QUITE aways down the road, before they WAKE UP and go, "WAIT a minute, I don't think I'm going to do that!" And so she decided that she would do ANYTHING, before she had the Doctors take a Saw to her Legs!
So she did the "INCURABLES" Program and did it MAINLY to HEAL her Legs. This is another example, where people don't think that they can fix the REAL Problem (in this case, her Diabetes). I said, "You have to monitor your Blood Sugar EVERY day, and you're going to be taking LESS and LESS Insulin!" SURE enough, even during the first 30 days, she had REDUCED her Insulin intake by at least 1/3!

BISER: What did she want to do?
SCHULZE: All she wanted to do was to MAINLY INCREASE the Circulation in her Legs, because the Doctors were threatening her with AMPUTATION of her Legs! One of them was going to Gangrene and the Circulation was so BAD, that her Family brought her to me to INCREASE the Circulation in her Legs, so that they wouldn't be CUT OFF! They NEVER thought, that she could also get OVER her Diabetes.

We got the Circulation in the legs INCREASED and that Purplish-Black area of Gangrene went back to NICE Pink Tissue! We got the Blood to FLOW, of course, having her take Cayenne Pepper and Ginger Root internally.

BISER: How much Cayenne and Ginger with her?
SCHULZE: Oh, we dumped a LOT into her. I would say that she was consuming 1/4 cup of Cayenne Pepper EVERY day, which is a HIGH amount, but she really liked it and we also had her on a HIGH Dose of Ginger Root, which is a GOOD Circulatory Stimulant! We also put her leg in a Cayenne Pepper Bath of VERY HOT Water with a LOT (handfuls) of Cayenne Pepper and Ginger Root and she would put her Leg in that Bath and soak it for a FEW minutes, take it out and then plunge it into a Tub of Water filled with Ice, going BACK and FORTH.

Of course, that burns a LOT, and she did some SCREAMING and YELLING, because that Cayenne Pepper gets VERY HOT! She also had some Body Work done, Skin-Brushing and HOT and COLD Baths 3 times per day, the Skin and Tissue going back to NORMAL in about 4 days, which was quite AMAZING! NO Gangrene in the World is going to STAY, when you're doing HOT Cayenne Pepper Baths with ICE Plunges afterwards!
You're going to STIMULATE the Circulation and then watch that Area come "Back-to-Life" in 2-4 days, which is NOT a LONG time! She was THRILLED, but I told her to HANG in there and KEEP with it, and so she stayed on the "INCURABLES" Program.
The first 30 days, I think she knocked her Insulin NEEDS DOWN by 1/3 and she was OFF of it COMPLETELY in 3-4 months. This was someone, who had been a Diabetic for 15 years on Intravenous Insulin and was going DOWNHILL FAST!

"Garlic Is POWERFUL for Anyone with Diabetes, but You Have to Use ENOUGH!"

BISER: Is Garlic really ALL that POWERFUL for Diabetes?
SCHULZE: ABSOLUTELY! But you have to use ENOUGH. The "INCURABLES" Program calls for eating a minimum of 3 LARGE RAW Cloves per day, and ANYONE with Diabetes should at the VERY LEAST eat DOUBLE that amount!

BISER: Does Garlic actually LOWER Blood Sugar substantially?
SCHULZE: ABSOLUTELY! It works 2 ways. Garlic directly LOWERS your Blood Sugar WITHOUT doing ANYTHING and it also STIMULATES the Pancreas to produce MORE Insulin! And of course, that's why you're shooting Insulin, because the Pancreas is NOT doing it's job, so it's a GOOD Pancreatic Stimulant, and since it also reduces your Blood Sugar Level, it's a GOOD one, obviously, for Pancreatic Cancer! Garlic is DEFINITELY a BRILLIANT Herb to use!!

BISER: But nobody talks about it, Richard.
SCHULZE: Oh, I know. And I've seen numerous Medical Reports on Garlic, being used for Diabetes. I would say that I've seen 50-60 Reports out of Medical Schools from Universities, where they've used Garlic on Diabetic Patients. But then again, you're NEVER going to see that ANYWHERE, because there's NO Money in selling Garlic!

BISER: Now, Richard, does Garlic have a MILD Blood Sugar-LOWERING Action, or a STRONG one?
SCHULZE: I think it's incredibly STRONG! Of course, when you're testing for your Blood Sugar, you can test EVERY day, and I've seen people REDUCE their Insulin by 1/2 in a week, who REALLY did the Juices and the Garlic!

BISER: Richard, if it's in the Medical Literature, why wouldn't they use it? I know that this is a DUMB question.
SCHULZE: I would say that about 1/10 of the Research, being done today, has been with Diabetes. It's a VERY EFFECTIVE Treatment for Diabetics, but then again it's TOO EASY! Getting WELL with Natural Methods is just TOO SIMPLE!

BISER: Richard, I have a friend, who has Diabetes, but he says that he gets Diarrhea EVERY time, when he eats Garlic.
SCHULZE: He may have a Compound Problem, involving Colitis or Bowel Inflammation, so that a LITTLE bit of Garlic goes a LONG way with him. The BEST thing to do with him would be to find out what's going on with his Bowel.

And if that is what he finds out that it is, then he should get his Bowel SOOTHED and DETOXIFIED with Intestinal formula No. 2 and then go in there with the Garlic Treatment, because it works VERY WELL for Diabetes!
He might have an Irritated or Spastic Colon or a Digestion Problem, so then he NEEDS to start out with a LITTLE bit of Garlic. Just a LITTLE bit, until he can TOLERATE that, and then INCREASE his Dosage SLOWLY.

Cayenne and Blood Sugar

BISER: Does Cayenne have any effect on Blood Sugar?
SCHULZE: Yes, just by STIMULATING the Circulation, makes your Blood flow BETTER! One of the things, that happens with Diabetics is that the Circulation of their Blood gets HORRIBLE and sometimes, they even have their extremities AMPUTATED in SERIOUS Cases!

So then, SURE, Cayenne's a BRILLIANT Herb, and it is part of this Program. Whether or NOT, it DIRECTLY LOWERS the Blood Sugar, I don't know, but I do know that when your Blood is circulating MORE EFFICIENTLY, then you don't NEED as MUCH of the Natural Chemicals, that your Body produces, which go into your Blood. A LITTLE bit goes a LONG way! Cayenne's DEFINITELY a part of this Program, but Garlic is the SPECIFIC!
When you have BETTER Circulation, then you have BETTER Hormonal Communication between your Endocrine Organs, such as the Pancreas. If your Blood is THICK, it takes LONGER for your Organs to get the Chemical Feedback Messages, that they DEPEND on. One of the GREATEST Herbs in the World for Female Hormonal Balancing, Angelica, just happens to INCREASE Circulation, so that it's NO accident, that it WORKS so WELL!

Cedar Berries and Blood Sugar

BISER: Dr. Christopher always mentioned that Cedar Berries would HELP the Pancreas, but is that TRUE, or only for a FEW people?
SCHULZE: It's a Dr. Christopher Original ONLY! I have talked with People worldwide and NOBODY else does that, but Dr. Christopher swore by it and I won't argue against his Case Histories.

My own feeling is that the Pancreas, being an Endocrine Organ like the Liver, can WEAR OUT! Usually, when the Endocrine Organs are NOT working WELL, it's a sign of WHOLE Endocrine System Dysfunction.
To simplify this a LITTLE bit, I've NEVER seen anyone with Diabetes, who did NOT have a HORRIFYING Life-Style and Eating Program! I do NOT meet people with Diabetes, who are Vegetarians and who do NOT drink Colas. I was in a Video Store last night and I had my son Arthur in my hands and there was a Lady with a 2 year old Child, and she was pouring Pepsi into his Bottle.

BISER: A 2-year-old Kid with Pepsi!
SCHULZE: Yes, that's what I'm saying? You can NOT live like this, and then go looking for an Herb to CONTROL Diabetes!

When it comes to Children, or even Adults, and they're consuming Fruit Juices, they should DILUTE it! I ALWAYS find that Diabetics, who come to me, have been and are Sugar Addicts, eating Sweets, drinking Colas, and so on and so forth. I've NEVER had a Diabetic come to me on Insulin, who was living a HEALTHY Life-Style, EVER!
There are Pancreatic Type People, who are PREDISPOSED for their Pancreas to SELF-DESTRUCT! If they have an UNHEALTHY Diet, it SELF-DESTRUCTS! And then you get termed a "Diabetic", but you REALLY have a WEAK Organ.

BISER: Do they NEED to do anything for that Organ?
SCHULZE: I've NEVER had to do anything SPECIAL! I've played with a LOT of Diabetic or Blood-Sugar Herbs, but my feeling is that the WHOLE Program did MORE than just taking the Herbs! Eventhough Dr. Christopher used Cedar Berries for Diabetes, they were just a part of his WHOLE Program.

BISER: I'm sure that the way that they promote it now is, "FORGET the Program, just take your Cedar Berries."
SCHULZE: ABSOLUTELY! I played with a FEW different Herbs, but to be quite HONEST, my feeling is that EVERYBODY likes to talk about an Herb, that is GOOD for REGULATING Blood Sugar, but the BEST thing, to REGULATE Blood Sugar, is to NOT drink Colas. There's TOO MUCH Sugar in them, and it RUNS DOWN the Pancreas!

MOST of these people, who come to me... well, EVERYBODY wants to SKIP the WORK! But then, if they did DO the WORK, I've also seen MANY people turn themselves AROUND, who had Diabetes!
Again, the REAL KEY is to STOP eating Sugar, because your Pancreas is getting WORN OUT! Eat MORE RAW Food, since your Pancreas has to make a LOT of Enzymes, when you eat Cooked Food. ANYBODY, who's a Diabetic REALLY NEEDS to eat RAW Foods and to NOT eat Cooked Foods. NOW, of course, they're getting into the "INCURABLES" Program.