DR. RICHARD SCHULZE'S Medical Emergency Herbal Kit
Compiled & Edited By Tom Harrelson
(Revised 11/22/11)

Dr. Schulze created an herbal kit, including all of the MAJOR herbs and formulae, that he discusses with Sam Biser in the video series entitled, "Top 10 Herbs For Medical Emergencies" aka "Curing With Cayenne" and the book entitled, "Curing With Cayenne". In these videos, Dr. Schulze explains how to use top ten herbs for emergencies, serious illnesses, injuries or to literally SAVE a person's life!

NOTE: Several of the following Herbal Formulae are NOT available from the American Botanical Pharmacy, because the F.D.A. has RESTRICTED Dr. Schulze from selling them! If you CLICK-ON the first link of each herb category, you will go to alternate source for that particular herb/herbal formulae.
Please CLICK ON the Links below to see MORE Information about a SPECIFIC Herb or Herbal Combination.

1. (a) SuperFood Plus
    (b) SuperFood Plus
    (c) Super Food Plus

2. (a) Intestinal Formula #1
    (b) Intestinal Formula #1
    (c) Intestinal Formula #1

3. (a) Intestinal Formula #2
    (b) Intestinal Formula #2
    (c) Intestinal Formula #2

4. (a) Echinacea Plus
    (b) Echinacea Plus Tincture
    (c) Echinacea Plus Tincture

5. (a) Liver/Gallbladder Formula
    (b) Liver/Gallbladder Flush
    (c) Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing Program

6. (a) Kidney/Bladder Formula
    (b) Kidney/Bladder Flush
    (c) Kidney/Bladder Cleansing Program

7. (a) Heart Formula
    (b) Heart Tincture
    (c) Heart Tincture

8. (a) Cayenne Tincture
    (b) Cayenne Pepper Tincture
    (c) Cayenne Pepper Tincture

9. (a) Cayenne Powder
    (b) Cayenne Pepper/Capsicum

10. (a) Lobelia Tincture
      (b) Lobelia Tincture
      (c) Lobelia Seed Pods

11. (a) Digestive Tonic

12. (a) Slippery Elm Bark Powder
      (b) Slippery Elm Inner Bark

13. (a) Activated Charcoal Powder
      (b) Activated Charcoal Powder - Links Web-Page
      (c) Activated Charcoal Powder - Emergency Uses

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