TOTAL HEALTH Class - June 8th, 2012 >

Hi!  If you are interested in knowing about the information, that you will learn in my college-level Natural Healing 
Therapies Class, please read-on.
Since you probably have had very little to NO education about healing herbs and their uses, I've decided to show 
the DVDs of the Dr. John R. Christopher Herbal Therapy Video Course FIRST (see below).
I highly recommend, that you obtain  Dr. Christopher's must-have textbook entitled, "School Of Natural Healing".
If you can't afford this VERY INFORMATIVE book and/or you would prefer a CD (see below), I have it available for a 
donation of $10.
FYI, I also have other Dr. Christopher CDs (audio-mp3 & data-pdf) available for a minimum donation amount.
Click-on the following links to go to the Table-Of-Contents for both of Dr. Richard Schulze's Herbal Therapy Video 
Courses, that I will showing in the next few months.
Natural Healing Crusade Video Series
Save-Your-Life Video Collection
Here's the Table-Of-Contents for the User Manual of the Save-Your-Life Video Collection above.
FYI, I also have Dr. Schulze CDs (audio-mp3 & data-pdf) and other DVDs (video & data-pdf) available for a 
minimum donation amount.
"THANKS" for your time and interest!
Your possible future teacher,
Psalm 104:14.