TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter - Special Issue No. 16
Edited By Tom Harrelson (Revised 4/26/13)

Dr. Hamer's Conflict Theory

NOTE: The following Article is excerpted from the Book entitled, Getting Well Again (see Reference).

Unlike most other practitioners. the work of Dr. R.G. Hamer concentrates almost exclusively on the causes of cancer. Once the cause is recognized and faced, the cure will follow, he argues, as the body's own remarkable self-healing processes are freed to come into play.

Although many have testified to the success of his approach, he has been persecuted by the German authorities, who have attempted to outlaw his work and stop his practicing.

In simple terms, Dr. Hamer believes that all cancers have been precipitated by a conflict. In the case of breast cancer, the shock or trauma would have occured 2 to 4 months prior to the clinical detection of the cancer, if the woman is right-handed. Cancer of the left breast would have been triggered by a perceived general conflict between a mother or child, a conflict within the family or "nest", or if the husband becomes ill or infirm. Cancer of the right breast, again in a right-handed woman, would be triggered by a conflict with humanity in general or with a partner. In left-handed women, the triggers are reversed.
EDITOR'S NOTE: There are some right-handed people, who are actually left-handed! Since there has been a STIGMA in the past about left-handed people, he/she was PUSHED into being right-handed by the Parent(s). Clap your hands and you'll see that the DOMINANT hand does MOST of the clapping, while the other hand is MOSTLY stationary.

Dr. Hamer has proved scientifically, his supporters say, that conflict will create a grey stress focus in the brain, the size of a thumb nail. The location of the stress in the brain will determine the type of cancer that will develop.

A conflict or trauma may not seem particularly earth-shattering, certainly not to an observer, but the sense of helplessness, and of being trapped, that accompanies this stress seems to be a universal phenomena among victims, according Hamer.

There are also "hanging conflicts", as Hamer defines them, which hover in a person's background, but never quite come to the surface, such as a a long-held hurt.

The patient will become clear of the cancer, when he or she identifies the conflict and is given the correct support on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. No chemotherapy is needed, and Hamer regards morphine as being detrimental to the whole system. This can cause fresh conflicts and lead even to death, he believes.

by Ilsedore Laker

The work of Dr. R.G. Hamer began in 1981 as head of oncology in a hospital in Munich, Germany. Since then, with over 31,000 patients taking part in his study he is able to firmly, logically and empirically establish that all diseases are initiated by a biological conflict - shock or trauma. He also discovered that each biological conflict leaves a visible mark in the brain (confirmed by brain CT) in the exact brain relay corresponding to the organ, or body structure manifesting the disease - more over he found that the nature of the conflict, predetermines the organic site for disease.

The result of his research is the creation of the disease chart, which accurately describes the biological conflict cause of each disease - the exact location in the brain the focus is found - how the disease manifests in the conflict active phase and how it manifests in the healing phase.

Dr. Hamer's Conflict Theory/pgs. 129&130/Getting Well Again/O. Carol Simonton, Carl Simonton, Stephanie Matthews, James L. Creighton.


Editor's Comments:

Dr. Hamer is an Oncologist, who specializes in Brain Cancers and a Radiologist, who specializes in Brain Scans.
Dr. Hamer's Conflict Theory is NOT a Theory, since he has PROVEN his Research clinically and empirically, having worked with over 31,000 Patients since 1981!
My HEARTFUL "THANKS" goes out to my DEAR Friend, Diane Novak, who introduced me to this EYE-OPENING Article on Dr. Hamer's INCREDIBLE Research!! I'm REALLY looking forward to being ABLE to HELP others, who are in GREAT NEED of his WONDERFUL Healing Information!