There are myriad toxins and poisons even among commonly-accepted materials, foods, and processes of the commercialized American culture. Here is a partial listing of substances to be wary of, in that they wear down our body reserves and lmmunity prematurely. If one is interested in strengthening one's genetics over time, and living free of permature degenerative illnesses, then outlaw toxins from interfering with body cells. These body cells are your best friends. Keep them that way.

Toxins are stored in the least vital tissues first, as in fat tissue; and metabolized first in a prolonged fast, for elimination. Heavy metal toxins like bismuth and mercury are stored in the bones; other toxins are stored in the liver. The body produces substances which can bind and flush most poisins from it. It is by far smarter not to wear down one's Immune reserve prematurely, by avoiding the ingestion and even contact with proven poisons. This means making sane, rational lifestyle choices.


Interfere with Vitamins B6, B-12, Folic acid, Vitamin C, B1, B2, Vitamin E, and Zinc. Can cause localized Folate deficiency in the uterus, cervical dysplasia, gallbladder disorders (increased bile cholesterol), increased blood triglycerides, depression, and cancer.


May make on drowsy; can cause glaucoma to worsen, produce irregular heartbeats and urinary discomforts.


By radioactive Cobalt-60, Cesium-137, and x-rays' gamma or ionizing radiation up to 1 kiloGray (3 million chest x-rays) on fresh fruits and vegetables; up to 30 KiloGrays (90 million chest x-rays) on dried herbs and spices; extends the shelf dead life of foods, and produces free radicals that destroy nutrients and Essential Fatty Acid precursors to hormones, Prostaglandins, and Brain chemicals. Degrades or destroys essential Amino acids, Fat- and water-soluble Vitamins, Nucleic acids, Enzymes, Antioxidants, and other unknown protective substances. Most of the nuclear rays pass through the food; some don't, and release energy causing food, insect, and contaminants' electrons to break away from their atoms and interact with other molecules. Picowaved.

It's use is belied as control of bacteria, parasites, molds and microorganisms; insects on fruits, vegetables and grains; increases the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables by retarding the ripening process; eliminates the sprouting of onions, potatoes, and garlic; inactivates the trichina parasite in raw pork (products).

Detrimental Effects: Diminishes the natural content of Fats, Vitamins A, Vitamin E, even destroys Vitamin E added to irradiated oils or beef products, Vitamins C, B-12, B6, and B1 Thiamine in pork. Alters at least three essential Amino acids Tryptophan, Methionine, and Cysteine. Creates at least 42 different Unique Radiolytic Products (URPs), substances that would not be in the food had it not been irradiated, like benzene, hydrogen peroxide, and formaldehyde. Not all URPs have been identified, and it is unknown what their cumulative effect will be on the human organism. Irradiation may convert herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and fungicides to by-products of unidentified toxicity, and do the same to any additives, colorants, antibiotics, steroids, preservatives, or stabilizers in the foods irradiated; and would make certain diseases of harvest citrus fruit more active after irradiation by destroying the protective Vitamin C; Doses such as currently approved do not kill the botulism microorganism; And in irradiated wheat that again sprouts the deadly aflatoxin mold, the aflatoxin will grow even faster than before irradiation because other limiting pests have been destroyed. Irradiation inactivates friendly bacteria synthesizing digestive nutrients, alters virulent microbes, alters the natural biogenic profile, contributes to toxic mold growth on products irradiated, and accumulates internal toxicity from nuclear-contaminated food sources. In a 1975 study of undernourished Amerind children, three weeks eating irradiated wheat produced blood changes similar to leukemia. The FDA rescinded its approval of irradiated bacon and chicken when it found study reports of testicular tumors, pituitary cancers, weight loss, abnormal blood cells, cataracts, chromosome breakage, shortened life span, reduced fertility, offspring mortality, kidney disease, and other degenerative results. Mice fed irradiated food were 17% more at risk for near, or fatal heart (lesions) rupture. In Dr. Jozsef Barnas studies of irradiated foods in Hungary, he found 1414 adverse effects to 185 beneficial effects; in corn showed reduced digestibility, lessened weight gain, reduced offspring weight, menstrual disorders, skin cancers, increased lymphoblastoma in the liver, kidneys, thymus gland, the lungs, and spleen. Dr. Kosei in Japan found irradiated potatoes caused arterial problems, higher mortality, mutations, and increased organ weights; irradiated wheat caused White blood cell changes; picowaved onions caused higher death rates, ovarian and testicular changers; and irradiated rice caused disturbances of the pituitary, thyroid, heart, and lungs, and tumors.

Labeling: The F.D.A. requires labeling only on whole foods like whole potatoes, apples, or squash. Many other irradiated foods are not subject to labeling and violate our right to know, including foods where some but not all ingredients are irradiated; luncheon meats, breads, desserts, packaged foods; meat, poultry, and fish under the Department of Agriculture; food service in restaurants, schools, hospitals, fraternities, all institutional foods in general. Food irradiation will just snowball the radioactive waste catastrophe.