Dr. William Turska's Portal Vein Injection

Excerpt from Ask Mr. Oxygen - Answer #10/Ed McCabe

The best method, that I have ever seen for the detoxification of the human liver was done by Dr. William Turska, a Naturopath up in nothern Oregon. Dr. Turska would inject Ozone into the Portal Vein by going through the anal opening. I filmed this once with video. He takes a glass specula, which he puts into the anal opening, which holds it open. And then he took this thing, that looked like a pistol with a long needle on it, hooked to an Ozone machine, and he'd go in through that opening. Go right through the colon wall and inject, he knew exactly where to go, and he would inject the Ozone directly into the Portal Vein. Well, the Portal Vein goes up and fans out all over the liver. When the Ozone goes up into the Liver in the form of Oxygen, that Oxygen would then, of couse, attack any toxicity. Anything, that was in there bothering the liver would be attacked. Be it Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Pathgogens, which can't live in Oxygen. So, after enough time, if enough Ozone/Oxygen was put into the ody, all kinds of diseases went away from the application of Ozone into the human body via the Portal Vein route.

Now, since he's passed away, it's going to be hard-to-find anybody, anywhere, who knows his Portal Vein Injection Method. And I'm telling you, it's the best, that I've ever seen! Minus that, direct IV Ozone Therapy put into the arm or into the leg or into the Femoral Artery in the groin area of the leg. These...the closer physically, that you can get to the spot, where the Ozone needs to do it's work, the closer, that you can apply it, the more of it, that's going to get there, because as it passes through the Body, it breaks down, everytime, that it encounters a Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Pathogen or Toxin. And so, because it's breaking-down, it's giving-up it's effectiveness, before it gets to the site. So, it's always best to get right to the spot.

Excerpt from The Story Of Ozone - Saul Pressman

In 1948, Dr. William Turska of Oregon began using ozone, employing a machine of his own design, and in 1951, Dr. Turska wrote the article "Oxidation" which is still relevant today, and is included in our booklet. Dr. Turska pioneered injection of ozone into the portal vein, thereby reaching the liver.

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