Wayback Machine Instructions

NOTE: Please substitute these first 3 Steps, if the Web-Page Address 
is in text form ONLY and NOT a Link.
1. Move your Cursor and place it at the very end of the Web-Page 
Address and hold in place.
2. Left CLICK ON and drag Cursor to the left to the very beginning of 
this Web-Page Address and release.
3. Right CLICK ON > Copy.

1. Move your Cursor and place it somewhere on the Web-Page Link.
2. Right CLICK ON.
3. Left CLICK ON > Copy Shortcut.
4. OPEN a 2nd Web Browser.
5. Type in the following Web-Page Address: http://www.archive.org/web/web.php
6. Move your Cursor and place it inside of the 'Wayback Machine' Window at the end of http://.
7. Left CLICK ON.
8. Push the Backspace Key, until it has DELETED http://.
9. Move your Cursor again, if needed, and place it somewhere inside 
of the Wayback Machine Window.
10. Right CLICK ON.
11. Left CLICK ON > Paste.
12. Move your Cursor and place it onto the 'Take Me Back' Button.
13. Left CLICK ON.
14. Left CLICK ON the MOST recent Date to OPEN the desired Web-Page.
NOTE: If there was NO Web-Page shown on the above Step, then Left CLICK ON the Back Button and Left CLICK ON another more previous Date, if it's AVAILABLE.