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We are now offering the NEW BCX ULTRA Foot Bath. For some time we realized, that using a foot bath after a Rife treatment was a very GOOD method to RELEASE the toxins building-up from using the frequencies. In other words, the herx reactions are greatly DIMINISHED!

The BCX ULTRA Foot Bath is very EASY-to-use, when dialing-up the time and intensity. It uses titanium plates to REDUCE the release of oxidized metal in the water. Unfortunately, many people claim that all the scum, that is visible in the foot bath after a person has taken a foot bath is the garbage, coming out of the body. Most of it is the oxidized metal, that comes-off the electrode from the electrolysis between the electrodes. If you do NOT believe it, then please try running the foot bath without anyone using the unit and you will basically see the SAME color. This is NOT to say that UNWANTED chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins are NOT being released, when one is enjoying a foot bath.

The BCX ULTRA Foot Bath has the capability of being connected with the BCX ULTRA, which causes the BCX ULTRA Foot Bath to have a DOUBLE detoxing effect! And so, while doing the foot bath, you can use the frequencies for detox by using the BCX ULTRA simultaneously.

People have reported, obtaining MAJOR detox by using the BCX ULTRA and the BCX ULTRA Foot Bath together. We believe that the BCX ULTRA is the only unit of it's kind in the world, that has the capability of simultaneously running a foot bath together with Rife frequencies!

NOTE: You will need the BCX ULTRA Frequency Instrument in order to run the programs through the BCX ULTRA Foot Bath. The BCX ULTRA Foot Bath power module is NOT a stand-alone frequency generator. This should offer much BETTER results over any traditional foot spa or foot bath appliances. The electrode material is corrosion-resistant stainless-steel or titanium (your choice), and so it does NOT need to be replaced every 15 or 20 uses like other units available today!

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Revised 10/1/13