Biophoton Light Therapy - Color Chart

RED: Fleck, Chloasma, Sunburn and Age Pigment. Soften the fat cells, resolve and quicken up detoxification and the slimming process.
O R A N G E: Lymph toxin discharging , Accelerating Metabolism. Yellow skin and Whitening treatment.
YELLOW: Make skin renew whitening and tender, promote Skin Regeneration and Anti-Aging.
GREEN: Oil control and shrink pores. Reduce black pores, white head and pimples.
TURQUOISE: Active cell, restore skin's renewing ability.
BLUE: Rejuvenates skin and improve collagen. Promotes skin renewal and cell stimulation.
PURPLE: Rebirth cell. Reach the tender and soft skin. Slows down the formation of lipids.
PINK: Repair and restore the intercellular moisture barrier of skin.
INFRARED: Accelerate blood circulation and metabolizing.