Properties Of Colors


Activates, vitalizes, dynamizes, intensifies, releases energy blocked deep within the system, gives new boost to processes, that have been stagnating, sluggish and reduced, strengthens the senses.


Restores, animates, warms, stimulates, works more gently than red, building up energy step-by-step, unlocks dead-locked processes, cheers up.


Fortifies, tones, opens, brightens, stimulates without exciting, extends energy, reinforces weak processes, loosens overly rigid structures, strengthens the nerves.


Equalizes, relaxes, calms down, keeps physical and mental energy, dynamically balancing, releases tensed-up, painful processes, brings profound serenity.


Soothes, inhibits, focuses, cools down, collects and structures energy, re-regulates hyperactivity, inflammatory and derailing processes, brings serenity and clarity.


Inspires, attenuates, reduces, transforms energy on a high level, supports mental processes, relaxes the nerves, soothes nervous irritations, relieves pain.