Biophoton Light Therapy - Treatment Hints

Be accurate during the Biophoton Light Therapy Treatment, gapping and positioning joints appropriately to gain MAXIMUM Exposure of the Joint, treating around Tendons, where possible and be as thorough as time permits.

Use Biophoton Light Therapy Treatments as SOON as possible after Injury occurs, treat DAILY for Acute Conditions and LESS frequently as Resolution occurs. Treat Chronic Inflammatory Conditions twice weekly and Osteo-Arthritis weekly.

Treat as many Acu-Points as necessary, during one session, do NOT move the PHOTON TORCH™ during each application, after placing it on the Acu-Point.

Use transparent thin film (cling-film) over Ulcers, Pressure Sores and Wounds and, WITHOUT causing UNDUE Pain, maintain contact with the Body Area being treated. Clean PHOTON TORCH™ after each use with an alcohol wipe.

Normally there are NO ADVERSE Effects from Biophoton Light Therapy Treatments, but sometimes Patients will experience a MILD Discomfort after Treatment, which is due to a Restimulation of the Inflammatory Phase, but it should leave within 48 hours.

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Revised 4/2/12