BIOREGENE Nebulizer - Cleaning Tips

Aromatic/Essential Oils become resinous after being exposed to Ozone. These resinous ozonated oils CLOG your Glass Nebulizer, causing interrupted vapor flow. To keep your Glass Nebulizer clean and working optimally, please follow these steps:

1. Every 2 days, remove the cork from your Glass Nebulizer, and place it into a dish, that's filled with White Vinegar, soaking it overnight. If the White Vinegar doesn't dissolve the resinous ozonated oil, substitute PURE Grain Alcohol (i.e. - White Rum or Vodka) as your cleaning solvent instead.

2. Do NOT allow the resinous ozonated oil to sit in your Glass Nebulizer for more than 2 days. Pour-out this resinous ozonated oil from your Glass Nebulizer into a dark-colored glass container and store it for external use later. Next, clean-out your Glass Nebulizer as outlined in Step #1 above.
NOTE: Do NOT use this residual ozonated oil again in your Nebulizer, thus preventing further clogging.

3. If the curved capillary tube becomes clogged, do NOT try to push anything into the internal capillary tube to try to clean it out. This could cause the glass to BREAK. but Instead try either soaking your Glass Nebulizer as outlined in Step #1 above or spraying high-pressure water from a Water Pik.

4. If after doing the above Steps, your Glass Nebulizer still remains CLOGGED, please call me (Tom) at 1-614-984-9410 for further instructions.

NOTE: Glass Nebulizers are very FRAGILE. Always be sure to handle your Glass Nebulizer very CAREFULLY.

Revised 12/17/18