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NOTE: The Biophoton Tools below can also be used to help heal horses, dogs and cats.

PHOTON TORCH™ LED Healing Light [1 - Metal Case/Handle, 2 - 'AA' Alkaline Batteries & 1 - 5 Watt Deep Red (660nm - near-infrared) LEDEngin LED or another color LEDs] = Acupoint Stimulation or LARGE Pain Area - Sedation > Phototherapy = Healing Energy - Pain, Swelling & Inflammation RELIEF +] . . . 100.00.
NOTE: The PHOTON TORCH™ is a stand-alone unit, which shines a HI SOLID, LO SOLID or HI PULSE (8.5 pps) Monochromatic (single frequency) Deep Red (660nm - near-infrared) Light Beam (zoomable from wide-to-spot) Mode, including 2 - 'AA' Alkaline Batteries and 1 - black nylon velcro carrying case.


INTRANASAL PHOTOTHERAPY ADAPTOR (1 - Rubber Cap, 1 - 6" Lucite Rod & 1 - Rubber Grommet) . . . 35.00 (no discount).
NOT: The above accessory is to be used with the PHOTON TORCH™ only.

Helping you and yours to attain and maintain your TOTAL HEALTH! Prov. 3:5-8!!

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