Yellow can be a GREAT Stimulant for the Sensory and Motor Nervous System as well as TONING Muscles. It HELPS to RAISE LOW Energy States. The Yellow LEDs have reportedly HELPED with Arthritis and the Lymphatic System.


Orange is considered a REJUVENATING Color. It can be WARM, STIMULATING and ENERGIZING. The Orange LEDs have reportedly BOOSTED Energy in the Lungs and Stomach. It can HELP with Muscle Cramps and Allergies.


The Red and Infrared LEDs are absorbed by the skin, muscles, tissues, bone as well as working at the physical cellular level. Obtain relief from pain, swelling and inflammation, but if not, then you should use Blue.


Blue is believed to be a Contractor and Restrictor. The Blue LEDs have reportedly HELPED with Burns, Headaches, Fever and ABNORMAL Growths, as well as providing a CALMING and RELAXING Effect.


Blue is believed to be a Contractor and Restrictor. The Royal Blue LEDs have been used for bacterial skin conditions, such as acne, because this light beam has an ANTISEPTIC action almost as GOOD as Ultra-Violet.


Green is also considered a Master Color and has reported usefulness as an Anti-inflammatory as well as in Painful Joints and with Allergies. The Green LEDs are absorbed by the Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Field (E-Field), which surrounds the Body. It is here, that STRESS and STRAIN build-up and develop into "WEAK Spots". If these "WEAK Spots" are NOT eliminated from the E-Field, eventually under HARD Work or Performance PRESSURE, they can become PROBLEM Areas.

The "WARM Colors" are of Positive (+) Polarity and the "COOL" Colors are of Negative (-) Polarity.

Revised 6/23/12