We are continually influenced by the rhythms and vibrations of sound. Vibrations are a powerful physical force that can be felt throughout our organism and not only heard with our ears. Infratonic tones are very low frequency tones that dramatically tone specific organs, glands and tissues as determined by decades of scientific research.
Infratonic is derived from the word infrasonic, sound frequencies below 100 Hz. (cycles per second), of which those below 20 Hz., are inaudible. Infra means below, tonic means to tone. Infratonic frequencies tone bodily tissues and glands. Infratones can be found throughout the natural environment, but are generally lacking in an unnatural, or man-made environment. Infratones can be found in nature, at the oceanside, in forests, in deserts, etc.
The basic tenet behind sound therapy is that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Sound Healing, as the name implies, is the use of sonic, infrasonic, and radio frequency (EM) waves to create balance and alignment in the physical body, as well as the energy centers called "chakras", the acupuncture meridians, and etheric/radionic fields. The sound may be applied by a Frequency Generator, CD Player &/or Cassette Player. We know that the cells of the body contain highly charged molecules which change their orientation and activity, when exposed to certain types of energy fields. In sound, this is accomplished through resonance and entrainment. Studies have shown that sound enters our physical body directly, before being processed by the brain, unlike vision, which must be filtered through the optical centers of the brain first, before we react to it physically. This is the reason why Sound Therapy can be such a powerful, therapeutic modality. Sound can give us immediate access to our natural bodily rhythms, as well as our emotions.
We are made up of predominantly water and bone tissue. When we are exposed to sonic energy, water and bone tissue within us pick up resonance and vibrates our very being. Living systems possess extraordinary sensitivity and selectivity to specific radiant energies - acoustical, magnetic, and electromagnetic. When this energy is in resonance with tissues or glands, it becomes a potential source capable of fostering normal cellular activity. If for example, one has an under functioning thyroid gland, resonant radiant energy applied to the neck area can foster normal function. Disease is viewed as a change in the fundamental, normal frequency of the body. Cure is simply brought about by applying the normal frequency fields.
Through the power of sound we can begin to heal our wounds and replenish our life force, learning ways to reconnect with our deepest inner rhythms , and re-tune the frequencies of our bodies. Scientists have shown that sound and music affect our brain waves, metabolism and physiological responses which can create profound cellular changes. Many progressive clinics and hospitals are now using therapeutic sound and music. Educators are finding sound can accelerate learning, brain activities and help treat learning disorders. Sound is now being directly applied to the body for healing. A search through the internet reveals many activities in these fields.
The primary question in Sound Healing is: what are the correct resonant frequencies of the body? Sound Healing scientists and researchers in Europe have determined frequencies for the parts of the body, as well as for specific imbalances of the body. They have invented instruments which project these healing frequencies back into the body and all report varying degrees of success with their sounds. INFRATONIC SOUND THERAPY are tones below audible threshold of our ears that have profound toning potentials for any and all of our bodily tissues.
Infratonic vibrations are able to affect every cell and molecule of our bodies. As living vibrating organisms, we are changing, transforming, and growing all the time. We are emitting vibrations outward which affect things around us, as well as receiving vibrations from the environment and the earth's electromagnetic fields. There is a continuous interchange and flow of these vibrations, which affect the electromagnetic energies within and around us. We each have a unique vibrational frequency, our own underlying tone, which expresses our life force and essential nature. Our bodies are not unlike musical instruments, that need regular tuning and toning as implied by nature cure. All the different parts of our being express a symphony of vibrations, oscillating and singing in perfect harmony (health), or discordant and causing symptoms and pain (dis-ease). When our rhythms and vibrations are not in alignment and harmony on all levels of our being, physical, emotional, and mental, we fall into states of disease and stress.
Through the power of INFRATONIC SOUND THERAPY, we can begin to heal our glands and replenish our life force. INFRATONIC SOUND can now being directly applied to the body for healing by both audible tones and pulsed electromagnetic fields, using the BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER II or BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER XL.

It has long been known that the Heart, Glands, Brain, Nervous System, and the Earth all have their key information by broadcasting at the same extremely low frequencies! The presence of the earth's magnetic field - the Shumann resonance earth tank - can and does not only induce, a Euphoria (alpha-like) feeling, but also yields profound healing waves. These are known as the Earth's background radiation found in nature, but inherently lacking in man's environment of the electromagnetic power grids. For example, entrainment of 60 cycle fields is now known to induce birth defects, is coincidental with high rates of leukemia, and can stimulate cancer cell growth eightfold. Cardiac arrhythmia, the stress precursor to many heart attacks, essentially means the heart forgot how to rest between beats. It's inherent resonant frequency with nature is violated. Data shows that where the Earth grid "frequency locks" with the human heart, at the longest wave length of biology's most intense resonator, the beat goes on. Specifically, we get heart and Earth entrainment at a "resonance caddeuceus" as if the heart was throwing a cascade of energy down the frequency ladder into wavelengths the size of the planet. Wave connections across differing scales of frequencies (called scalar wave after the idea that wave fields can move between scales), is accomplished by a hand-holding between wave lengths based on geometry.
That is to say, only "sacred" (or eternal) ratios open the harmonic information doorway between worlds the size of human hearts, to worlds the size of genes at the smaller end, and simultaneously, the planet earth. Man must be at one with nature in order to survive, and once he/she departs, disease will follow. Astronauts that leave the Earth's magnetic field suffer from demonstrable health complaints, like calcium bone loss, psychic disturbances, to name a few. The body's bones are the grounding antennaes to earth wave, infratonic magnetic fields. The lungs are the ionic conductors of atmospheric electricity, the spleen is the absorber of atmospheric prana (or chi).
We have learned over the last 25 years, that an active intention of a massage therapist or acupuncturist, while performing their art, with select infratonic tones pulsing the patrons cavities or meridians, induces the desired healing response.
You create a morphic, pranic body of living coherence magnetically, electrically (EEG, EKG, etc.), and sonically in the Earth at the moment you are born. Some researchers have found that 'first breath' plants a group of frequencies upon the morphic field and thereby health proclivities can be found in the medical chart. At first breath, you create a literal resonance information path, from the chakras into the Earth's grid and back. Each organ is dependent upon certain beat frequencies in the Infrasonic range. Denial or interruption (stress factors) of these beat frequencies interrupts fundamental biological processes, resulting in organ failure at some point. Just as one would not think of life without vitamins and minerals, biologists are now realizing this could also be true with the earth's unseen electromagnetic and sonic fields.

In today's busy world, frequent and often necessary visits by patients and patrons are difficult to schedule. Supporting therapies such as nutritional products, herbals, and homeopathics have long been used to overcome this impediment to the desired therapeutic response. INFRATONIC SOUND THERAPY now offers a method of active massage therapy on a daily basis. INFRATONIC SOUNDS can be delivered, using the BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER II or BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER XL to:
  • The Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat, Brain, Spinal Cord, Thyroid Glands, and Eyes.
  • The Upper Digestive Tract and Lower Digestive Tract.
NOTE: Please CLICK ON Frequency Chart 1 & Frequency Chart 2 to see the other Areas of the Body on which the INFRATONIC SOUNDS can be delivered, plus the various Health Conditions involved.
One of the secrets of obtaining results with physical therapies is a process known as entrainment. Therapy is applied to the body in order to arouse the healing force. A normal biological flow of ingestion and excretion maintains a balanced state of life. Interruption of either state disrupts the normal flowingness of life. The body in a sickened state is basically 'stuck.' Diseases are generally the combination of weakened organs and the battle of the organism against toxins, accumulated by interruption of the excretion phases (e.g. constipation) and its attempt to counteract and expel them. The role of infratonic tones is an attempt to tone the sluggish organs while stimulating the eliminative organs. Entrainment can be thought of like exercise - it is an activity that should be repeated daily until the organ once again vibrates whole, to its full potential.

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