POSEIDON 220 Ozone Generator - Front
POSEIDON 220 Ozone Generator - Side

Ozone Water Purifier & Food Sanitizer
A Revolutionary NEW Appliance With Multi-Purpose Applications!

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FUSION 500 Air Pump

OZOTECH has PERFECTED the POSEIDON 220™ - a LOW Cost, SAFE, Portable, Energy-EFFICIENT Ozone Water Purifier and Food Sanitizer.

What Is The POSEIDON 220™?
The POSEIDON 220™ is a "COLD SPARK - CORONA DISCHARGE" Ozone Generator, which NEUTRALIZES TOXIC Chemicals and DISEASE-CAUSING Bacteria and Virus. POSEIDON 220™ produces OZONE (O3 - Tri-Atomic Oxygen), which when it's combined with Water, CLEANS and KILLS Bacteria and Virus in your Water by a Process of SUPER-Oxidation. And it's also a REVOLUTIONARY, Multi-Purpose, NEW Appliance, being a PORTABLE, LOW Cost, SAFE and Energy-EFFICIENT Water Purification and Food Sanitization Unit, that is EPA/OSHA approved. It contains Low Maintenance Medium frequency, solid state electronics.

  • BREAKS-DOWN residual traces of TOXIC Agriculture Chemicals and Pathogens on Fruits and Vegetables.
  • KILLS Bacteria on Meat, Fish, and Poultry.
  • ENHANCES the Taste of ALL Food Products.
  • PROLONGS Shelf Life.
  • DISINFECTS Water for HEALTHIER Drinking and Household Use.

How Do I Use The POSEIDON 220™?
1. Fill-up a 5 gal. container with tap water.
2. Connect the tubing with an air stone to the POSEIDON 220™ O3 Output.
3. Drop the air stone into the 5 gal. container.
4. Plug the POSEIDON 220™ "IN".
5. Turn the power switch/output control clockwise to turn the power "ON".
6. Continue to turn until it stops.
7. Place your fruits and vegetables (or meat, fish, poultry etc.) into the water.

Within a few minutes the Foods will be 99.9% CLEAN from HARMFUL Contaminants. You will NO longer be THREATENED by Contaminated Foods. Be HAPPY, HEALTHY, and WISE: Count on POSEIDON 220™ to safeguard the WELL-BEING of your Family.

Output: 0 - 220 mg/hr
Concentration: 0 - 25 mcg/ml
Flow Rate: 0 - 3.5 l/m
Dimensions: 3.5" X 6" X 9"
Weight: 10 lbs.
Electrical: 120 V./60 Hz./10 W.

Includes: ON & OFF Switch/Variable Control.
Also Includes: 1 - 6 ft. Clear PVC Tubing (ozone-resistant), 1 - Check Valve (ozone-resistant), 1 - Air Stone, Operating Instructions & 1 year Warranty.

Online User's Documentation Also Available:
Operating Instructions

NOTE: Please print-out or make arrangements for seller to print-out the above documentation.

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