Ozone Water Purifier & Food Sanitizer
An Ozone Generator With Multi-Purpose Applications!

Aqua Sun Ozone International has PERFECTED the TRAVEL-KLEEN™ - a LOW Cost, SAFE, Portable, Energy-EFFICIENT Ozone Water Purifier and Food Sanitizer.

The TRAVEL-KLEEN™ is a "COLD-CORONA" Ozone Generator, which NEUTRALIZES TOXIC Chemicals and DISEASE-CAUSING Bacteria and Virus. TRAVEL-KLEEN™ produces OZONE (O3 - Tri-Atomic Oxygen), which when it's combined with Water, CLEANS and KILLS Bacteria and Virus in your Water by a Process of SUPER-Oxidation. And it's also a REVOLUTIONARY, Multi-Purpose, NEW Appliance, being a PORTABLE, LOW Cost, SAFE and Energy-EFFICIENT Water Purification and Food Sanitization Unit, that is EPA/OSHA approved.

  • BREAKS-DOWN residual traces of TOXIC Agriculture Chemicals and Pathogens on Fruits and Vegetables.
  • DISINFECTS Water for HEALTHIER Drinking and Household Use.
  • ENHANCES the Taste of ALL Food Products.
  • KILLS Bacteria on Meat, Fish, and Poultry.
  • PROLONGS Shelf Life.

The Process is as EASY as 1-2-3!
1. Fill a 5 gal. Container up with Tap Water.
2. Connect Tubing to the TRAVEL-KLEEN™ "Ozone Hose Connector".
3. Plug it "IN" and turn it "ON".
4. Place your Fruits and Vegetables (or Meat, Fish, Poultry etc.) into the Water.

Within 10 minutes the Foods will be 99.9% CLEAN from HARMFUL Contaminants. You will NO longer be THREATENED by Contaminated Foods. Be HAPPY, HEALTHY, and WISE: Count on TRAVEL-KLEEN™ to safeguard the WELL-BEING of your Family.

Output: 80 mg./hr.
Concentration: 3.5 mcg./ml.
Flow Rate: 1.25 L./M.
Dimensions: 4.5" L. X 2" W. X 5" H.
Weight: 1 lb. 13 oz.
Electrical: 120 V./60 Hz./5 W.

Includes: 1 - 3 ft. Clear PVC Tubing (ozone-resistant), 1 - Check Valve (ozone-resistant), 1 - Cylinder Stone Diffuser, 120 VAC to 12 VDC Wall Adapter, 12 VDC Car Adapter, Operating Instructions & 1 year Limited Warranty, plus an A.C. Power Strip with ON & OFF Switch.

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Revised 1/12/13