VAPOZONE Detox System II
AETHOZOL Inhalation Therapy

Please follow Steps 1-16 completely, thus ensuring that you obtain EFFICACIOUS results from your EXPERIMENTAL AETHOZOL (ozone+olive oil) Inhalation Therapy Treatment Sessions.
NOTE: Steps 2, 3, 4 & 5 can be ELIMINATED after the initial setup.

1. Take 250 mgs. Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) on an EMPTY Stomach, thus ensuring an INCREASED saturation of OZONE into your Bloodstream occurs.
NOTE: If you can't take Niacin, because you have a SENSITIVE Stomach or Blood Pressure Problems, then put 8-10 drops of a STRONG Cayenne Pepper Tincture on your Tongue and if it's too HOT, then add it to and drink it with a SMALL amount of Water. Then proceed with Steps 2 - 4, while waiting for INCREASED Blood Circulation.

2. Plug the A.C. Plug on the end of the A.C. Cable, which is connected to your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator, into a HIGH Quality A.C. Surge Supressor Power Strip (i.e. - Tripp Lite), if you haven't ALREADY done so.

3. Remove the Air Dryer from the side of your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator and then push a 3/16" inline barbed Connector into the top Hole.

4. Push the open end of the 3/16" tubing, which is connected to the Oxygen Tank, onto the open end of the 3/16" inline barbed Connector.

5. Push the open end of the 6' (6" + check valve + 5' 6") section of 1/8" Blue Silicone Tubing onto the metal Outlet on your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator.

6. Place the Humidifier Jar on a flat surface, pour in enough Olive Oil (organic extra virgin) to obtain a Level about 1 inch from the top, and then screw the lid on TIGHTLY, thus ENSURING an AIR-TIGHT fit has been obtained.

7. Push the other open end of the 6' (6" + check valve + 5' 6") section of 1/8" Silicone Tubing onto the 1/8" brass barbed inlet connector, which is situated on the top of the Humidifier Jar.

8. Push the open end of the Tubing, which is connected to the Nasal Cannula, onto the open 1/8" white plastic outlet connector.

9. Turn the Regulator Knob until the Regulator Gauge reads 1/4 (.25) LPM Flow Rate.
NOTE: Check to be SURE that you see Bubbles, coming from the Diffuser into the Olive Oil.

10. Turn the Timer Power Switch to 'ON' to turn your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator "ON".

11. Allow the Ozone/Oxygen Output to flow for 5 mins.
NOTE: The above procedure ENSURES that the Ozone has FULLY combined with the Oil, therefore allowing the MAXIMUM AETHOZOL (ozone+olive oil) Vapor Output available for OPTIMAL utilization.
Notice the MILD odor of Ozone coming from the openings in the Nasal Cannula, thus ensuring that your NATURE- KLEEN Ozone Generator is operational.

12. Place the two open tubes on the Nasal Cannula into your Nostrils.

13. Allow the AETHOZOL (ozone+olive oil) Vapor Output to flow into your Nostrils for 15-30 mins..

14. Turn the Timer Power switch to 'OFF', when you have COMPLETED your EXPERIMENTAL AETHOZOL (ozone+olive oil) Inhalation Therapy Treatment Session.

15. Drink the following ingredients 1/2 hr. after COMPLETING your EXPERIMENTAL AETHOZOL (ozone+olive oil) Inhalation Therapy Treatment Session: 1 tbl. Lecithin, 500 mgs. Vitamin C (Ester C) & 8 oz. FRESH Fruit Juice.
NOTE: The above Procedure ENSURES that your Body will absorb the Ozone MORE EFFICIENTLY.
NOTE: Also follow Pages 17 (particularly Step 4) & 18.

16. (1) Do your EXPERIMENTAL AETHOZOL (ozone+olive oil) Inhalation Therapy Treatment Sessions twice daily [8 A.M. & 8 P.M. or 12 P.M. & 12 A.M. (+1hr.) - 6 Days/ON & 1 Day/OFF - very IMPORTANT]. (2) Take and record your Temperature twice each day - VERY IMPORTANT, using the Digital Thermometer & Temperature Log Sheet. (3) Continue for 3 Weeks (18 Days/ON & 2 Days/OFF=20 Days - TOTAL). (4) Take 1 Week/OFF - VERY IMPORTANT, since your Immune System NEEDS time to REST and READJUST.
NOTE: If your Temperature STABILIZES at 98.6oF. during the 1 Week/OFF, then proceed on to Step (5), otherwise you must start over again at Step (1)]. (5) Decrease treatments to twice each Day/once every 3 Days for 16 Weeks, then twice each Day/once every 7 Days for 15 Weeks (maintenance), and lastly once each Day/once every Month thereafter (prevention).


1. STOP your EXPERIMENTAL AETHOZOL (ozone+olive oil) Inhalation Therapy Treatment Sessions (1 day ONLY) &/or drink MORE Charcoal Slurry, if Detox Reactions, such as Fevers, Cramps, Headaches, Diarrhea, Nausea, Rash, Scratchy Eyes, &/or General Malaise, become UNBEARABLE!
2. OZONE INCREASES the Cellular Absorption of Drugs &/or Supplements, and so you should REDUCE your usual Dosages.
3. OZONE Treatments should NOT be performed, if ANY of these Conditions are present: Intoxication, recent Heart Attack, recent Bleeding, Pregnancy, Hyperthyroidism, Spasms (Cramps), Thrombosis &/or an Ozone Allergy, according to F.D.A. Regulations.

Revised 3/9/06