VAPOZONE Detox System II
Water Ozonation (Drinking, Gargling, Colon Cleansing, &/or Douching)

Please read and follow each of Steps 1-6 COMPLETELY, thus ensuring SAFE, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT Operation, plus EFFICACIOUS Results from using your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator.
NOTE: Step 1 can be ELIMINATED, after the INITIAL setup.

1. Plug the A.C. Plug on the end of the A.C. Cable, which is connected to your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator, into a HIGH Quality A.C. Power Strip (i.e. - Tripp Lite).

2. Fill a 1 gal. Glass (preferably) Container up to 2 inches below the rim with COLD (33-400F.) Tap, R/O or Distilled Water .

3. Turn the Power/Timer Switch clockwise to turn your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator "ON".
NOTE: There should NOW be the Odor of Ozone, coming from the OPEN end of the 6 ft. Tubing, thus ensuring that your NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator is OPERATING properly.

4. Connect the 2" Ceramic Diffuser to the open end of the 6 ft. Tubing and place it in the bottom of the 1 gal. Container.
NOTE: Use a Clothespin to clamp the 6 ft. Tubing to the rim (don't pinch it), thus KEEPING the 2" Ceramic Diffuser on the bottom of the 1 gal. Container.

5. Allow Ozone to bubble for 20 mins. into the Tap Water inside of the 1 gal. container (10 mins. through R/O or Distilled). The Ozonated HIGH-Purity Water, that is produced, can then be used [gargle & drink-8oz./ 6-8 times daily + clean rectum/once daily, if SERIOUSLY-ILL (but if NOT, then twice weekly) & women-douche/once daily, if Yeast is a PROBLEM (but if NOT, then twice weekly)].
NOTE: You can filter the Ozonated Water, which was NOT originally either R/O or Distilled Water, through an UNBLEACHED (Melitta) Coffee Filter to REMOVE the Oxidized Substances and then store in the Refrigerator until you need to drink it.
FYI, the Ozone in the Water will be COMPLETELY bubbled-out within 1 hr. and PURE Water will remain.
You can ozonate an 8 oz. Glass of Tap Water for 60 secs. (R/O or Distilled for 30 secs.), and then drink the Ozonated Water within the first 5-10 mins., thus ensuring that you are receiving the MAXIMUM Detoxifying, Oxygenating and Energizing Effects from the infused Ozone.

6. Turn the Power/Timer Switch counterclockwise to "OFF", when you're FINISHED with your Water Ozonation.





Revised 11/4/03