The Professional Infratonic Transducer of the BIOMAGNESONIC TRANSDUCER II™ uses the back half of a Speaker Assembly (Magnet and Voice Coil), and when connected to the WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument and placed against an Area of your Body, will send Sound Waves at a SPECIFIC Frequency through your Body's Tissue and into the Bone, thus creating Sympathetic Resonances in them.
Think of your Body's Tissue and Bone as a large, thicker version of a Speaker Cone or Drum Head. Speakers, when used on or near your Body, push or beam Sound Frequencies into it, and the MORE Sound that is pushed into your Body, the MORE that it bounces around (Standing Waves).
Unlike Speakers, which by their design, focus their Energy, thus creating HIGH Sound Pressure Levels (SPLs) within an Area, the Infratonic Transducer creates LARGE Areas of Resonating Sound, so that your Body sympathetically RESONATES without ANY Standing Waves!