PHOTON TORCH XL™ - Frequency/Pulse Rate Chart 1

(Hertz/Pulses Per Second)
0 Hz./pps.
0 REDUCES Pain, Swelling, Inflammation & Irritation
2.5 Hz./pps. 1 STIMULATES Endorphins - Pain Relief & COMPLETE Relaxation
180 Hz./pps. 2 STIMULATES Serotonin - Pain Relief & Relaxation
2266 Hz./pps. 3 STIMULATES Healing Process - Cell Activity OPTIMIZATION
32128 Hz./pps. 4 STIMULATES Healing Process - Cell Activity OPTIMIZATION
417,024 Hz./pps. 5 REDUCES Mutated Cells - Abnormal Growth SHRINKAGE

NOTES:  1To be used after Treatment with 2.5 Hertz/Pulses Per Second, 2To be used as a General Frequency/Pulse Rate for ALL Cells, 3To be used as Specific Frequency/Pulse Rate for Brain Cells and Tissue & 4To be used in combination with 1 Hertz/Pulses Per Second & 266 Hertz/Pulses Per Second.

The Human Eye can ONLY see 55 cycles per second (Hertz - Hz.). Anything FASTER will appear as a CONTINUOUS Beam. So check the setting on your WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument before each use.

SOLID/CONTINUOUS Beam Mode (0 Hz./pps.) produces a RELAXING and QUIETING Effect, which can be used for Pain and Sedation. It also allows the Cells to NORMALIZE their Functions MORE RAPIDLY.

Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 1 (2.5 Hz./pps.) produces Endorphins from the Brain, which will produce DEEP Sleep and a State of COMPLETE Relaxation.

Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 2 (80 Hz./pps.) produces Serotonin from the Brain, which will produce a PAIN-KILLING Effect. It can also be used in Nerve Conditions.
NOTE: This Frequency/Pulse Rate should be used in Combination with Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 1 (2.5 Hz./pps.).

Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 3 (266 Hz./pps.) MAXIMIZES Cell Activity, particularly in DAMAGED or DISTRESSED Tissue. The Activity occurs both within the Cell, through a RAPID INCREASE of Protein and Calcium Production, and between the Cells by the IMPROVEMENT of the Cellular Membrane Channels and Gap Junctions via the INCREASED Production of Protein, so that it is an EXCELLENT Frequency for virtually ALL Cells of the Body.

Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 4 (2128 Hz./pps.) accomplishes similar Functions as Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 3, but MORE specifically for Brain Tissue, which DIFFERS from other Body Tissue and Cells.

Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 5 (17,024 Hz./pps.) works with MUTATED Cells and DIFFICULT-TO-HEAL Conditions.
NOTE: This Frequency/Pulse Rate should be done for 3 minutes, along with Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 1 for 7 minutes and then Frequency/Pulse Rate No. 4 for 5 minutes.

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Revised 1/31/10