Revised & Updated Edition - June 1, 1999 (380 pages)

A practical, contemporary guide to the ancient Chinese healing art of acupuncture without needles. Revised and updated with new detailed illustrations for a contemporary look, this book presents acupressure in terms that anyone can understand and use in the privacy of his or her own home. The author shows step-by-step how to apply this ancient Chinese healing art of finger-pressure technique to treat a wide variety of ailments such as fatigue, migraine, colds, tension, loss of hearing, eye problems, blood pressure problems, and many more. With brand new illustrations, this book lets the reader see where pain or discomfort begins, how it may show up in other parts of the body, and how to use this needle-less technique to eliminate it.

This is the original book on the subject and a popular alternative medicine classic that has sold successfully for over twenty years. With over 100 clear, useful illustrations, it is the most user-friendly book on the market.

About the Author:
The late Dr. J.V. Cerney was President of Professional Research and a specialist in podiatric medicine and physical therapeutics. He is the winner of a national award for his research in skin disease and received several commendations for his work in physical fitness. He was a member of the National Athletic Trainers association and The American College of Sports Medicine.

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