Multifaceted Healing Art Procedure
Ozone-Oxygen Therapy

Dr. William Turska, N.M.D., N.D.

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents known. When combined with oxygen it becomes one of unique nature in overcoming a number of ailments of mankind as well as in the animal industry.

When filtered, this combination becomes invaluable in treating sickness, and inducing health.


Constitutional Medicine (Total human care) is enhanced and can be utilized in a host of degenerative and metabolic conditions as it is a general metabolizer, oxygenator and regenerator. It can be administered via Hyperbaric Chamber to advantage.

Aethozol is a life giving force as is oxygen without which life ceases. It has the unique property of devastating anaerobic organisms, viruses and bacteria. The gas if used properly will do no harm, nor is there any side effects. Once given it does away with the harmful agents, without harming the normal cell. Then it converts to pure oxygen revitalizing normal cell life and finally breaking down to carbon dioxide and eliminated in normal manner.


Aethozol can be administered by several routes via intravenous, arterially as in angititis obliterans, insufflation, as colon retention intra-muscular, and into a tumor for obliteration. Aethozol has a unique characteristic that it can be inhaled without irritating pulmonary membranes, causing pneumonia. In lung cancer along with general application and constitutional care it has proven beneficial.


Urethral caruncles are a bothersome affliction. The old technique of surgical intervention although minor in surgical parlance presents problems of healing. Aethozol is administered directly into caruncle resulting in rapid healing Cervical infection, cysts, and candida are candidates for Aethozol.


Increase oxygen supply to the organism, bacteriocidal, virucidal, and fungicidal as well as amebic and parasite obliteration. Formation of ozonides and peroxides from heamatogenic unsaturated fatty acids in blood which influence fat (cholesteral) metabolism.

Immediate absorption of the ozone-oxygen mixture by the blood and tissues account for instantaneous chemical reactions of ozone.

Increase in breaking down of glucose as a result of erythrocyte mechanism being accelerated.

Increase in 2, 3-diphosphoglycerate, thus loosening the oxygen bond on ozyhaemoglobin and facilitating the release of oxygen in 02 form to the peripheries.


In spite of it's high oxidation potential ozone reacts in a pronouncedly selective manner, so that its reactions with nonsaturated fatty acids (as component substances of triglycerides, cholesteral esters and phospholips etc.) must be viewed as principle events in their biological function.

If one takes into account the extremely low quantities of ozone administered in intravascular. intramuscular and subcutaneous therapy, it becomes clear that the considerably improved supply of oxygen to the organism is not due to the ozone itself (as opposed to the cleansing of wounds and disinfecting), but rather to the effect of the peroxides produced.

The peroxides produced influence the redox Systems such as Nicotinic acid amide adenine dinucleotide/Nicotine amide adenine etc.


Aethozol is superior to other medical treatment in the case of intestinal diseases such as colitis, or spastic obstruction and in therapy resistant anemias together with infections of the bladder (interstitial cystitis), urethral infection, vaginal candida, systemic candida and giardia.

Any and all infestation of the G-I tract such as paracitosis, E. Barr etc., is amenable to Aethozol.

  • Abcess
  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Anal Fissure
  • Arterial Circulations
  • Cerebral Sclerosis
  • Cirrhosis Of Liver
  • Climaeterium/Menopause
  • Constipation
  • Cystitis
  • Decubitus (Ulcers)
  • Fistulae
  • Furunculosis
  • Gangrene
  • Hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Hypercholesterolaemia
  • Mucos Colitis
  • Mycosisi Fungus Infection
  • Oncological Additive
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • PMS
  • Polyarthritis
  • Radiation Scars/Treatment
  • Raynaud's Disease
  • Spondylitis
  • Stomatitis
  • Sudecks's Disease
  • Thrombophiebitis
  • Ulcus Cruris
  • Virus Infections
  • Wound Healing Disturbances


Hydrogen is not suitable for malignancies due to the high catalase and peroxidase content of healthy cells, especially the erythrocytes blocks this route. It is only by means of the catalase-resistant peroxides from endogenous unsaturated fatty acids that the oxidising effect on the neoplastic cell can be obtained. This reduces the glycolytic capacity and so the cell metabolism balances out very effectively.


The specific influence of 03 Therapy on tumor metabolism which produces high levels of oactate and pyruvate concentration. This results in a decrease of the lactate values in patients treated intravenously, and this is possibly due to a direct impediment of cell growth.

Ozone-Oxygen Treatment appears to have a definite place in the Therapy plan for Cancer Patients.

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Revised 11/8/13