Biomagnetic Therapy

After centuries of being considered an 'old wive's tale', magnetism is finally coming into it's own. We now know that fish are able to return to their spawning grounds by following the earth's magnetic lines or force, in the, same way that birds do. Similar results have shown up lately, in beetles, crickets, bees, grasshopper and flies. The magnetic sense is so strong in many insects that they will rest only in definite "magnetic positions". It wasn't long ago that an astute gardener discovered he could rid his fields of cabbage moths by scattering magnet fragments among the plants. The moths became so disoriented they left the property! Astounding research is fast moving ahead in the Soviet Union on the effects of magnetism on growing plants too. Its been learned that the famous "eleven year cycle" of plant and animal growth is directly related to fluctuations in magnetism caused by sun spot cycles. Through such studies, they were the first to discover that treating seeds with a magnet increased the plant yield, (South pole energy increased tubers and North pole energy produced larger above ground plants). Then they found they could get much the same results by treating the plant's fertilizer. Now they say they can vastly improve plant output - and increase the health of people, by magnetizing water!

Magnetic 'healing' of people was used in ancient days, especially for inner pains, limb cramps, ulcers and bleeding. During WWII it was used to ease the pain of amputees an speed wound healing. Now its used for much more, such as; improving blood circulation in people with serious blood vessel diseases; increasing and improving bone growth in broken limbs; reducing swelling after fractures; improving the "blood picture"; and treating skin diseases, to name just a few.

In the USSR they've been using magnetic fields, for years, to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, cure persistent skin outbreaks, prevent recurring eye, nose and throat infections, promote faster healing of wounds and sores and even treat heart problems.

Since the Soviets led the way many other countries such as Japan, Rumania, and most of Europe have joined in this fascinating research, producing more than 2000 scientific reports! The plain truth is although doctors over here almost totally ignore magneto - biology, effective treatment of many illnesses is being carried on today in clinics around the world! Not only does magnetism influence the action of your heart but the heart's own magnetic field is now being measured with an instrument called a 'magneto - cardiograph', which provides new information never known before. Brain surgeons too, are using it in place of the old EKGs. Astonishing 'magnetic maps' of the brain and nerves of the body are being used to aid in delicate surgical operations. Today, magneto-biology is finally making rapid strides after being kept under wraps for 20 years, primarily by the military. The newest discovery is what researchers call "magneto pharmacology" the science of using magnets to improve the action of drugs and to decrease the harmful effects. Specialists in all countries are now studying everything that influences drug use; time of day, weather, moods, meals, liquids, etc.

They've found that magnets effect many drugs - especially those used for the heart or nerves. For example, 'sleeping pill's. These drugs, used with medium strength magnets give deeper sleep, shorter but more restful, with quicker awakening. Drugs given for allergies can also be favorably effected by magnetic fields and their side effects lessened. Many drugs arouse allergic reactions sensitive people; this can be lessened with magnetic fields. What's more Russian surgeons have just announced that they've successfully cleared blood clots in the brain with magnets, though we have no specific details as yet.

This is not quackery. Bio-scientists are very much aware of the scientific fact that all molecules are influenced strongly by magnetic fields. Hence the use of such fields to change biological actions of complex drug molecules is scientifically rational.


Every particle, atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ and whole organism resonates at its own particular frequency. (This is the basis of radionics). EEG measurements show that the field generated by the human brain has frequencies in the extremely low (ELF) region centering around 7 - 8 Hertz. This field is the 'wave envelope' of all the electromagnetic activity of the cells in the brain. It naturally resonates to, and is entrained by the earth's resonant field (the Schumannn Resonance), but can also be entrained by artificially generated fields of the appropriate frequencies. (This is the basic theory behind the Pacer). This entrainment effect can occur in every cell, organ and system of the body. Certain bodily effects can be caused by applying magnetic fields which resonate to those certain biological frequencies. Thus events could be triggered which effect conformation of the body's molecules, alter rates of cellular, enzymatic or organic processes, alter chemical processes or just effect overall changes within the body. (This is the same operational theory employed by Royal Rife except that he used acoustic and electrical resonances rather than magnetic).

As you all know by now, a wide range of biological effects have been induced by applying magnetic fields in both laboratory and clinical experiments. Back in 1982 a large of researchers discovered the effects of magnetic fields on ion flux through cell membranes. For example, the increased flow or movement of calcium ions within a magnetic field led doctors to place magnets above and below bone fractures in order to speed up calcium accumulation at the break thus causing the bone to heal faster. Experiments in 1985 confirmed that other bodily elements such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc., were also effected by this process.

In addition, we know now that molecular alignment will occur within intense magnetic fields. Experimental results have shown that muscle fiber, membranes, chloroplast, retinal elements of the eyes, and other fibers and macro molecules including nucleic acids have been aligned in an intense magnetic field. Highly oriented structures can result from this which may interact with other biomaterials in your body. Cell membranes, for example, are liquid crystals which are very close to change depending only upon bodily temperatures. Thus magnetic fields could effect the membrane's fluidity or other properties. It only takes a very low intensity magnetic field to effect chemical reactions and these reactions have a definite biological effect on your body. Consider any one of your blood cells for a moment. It is composed of a membrane which separates two bioelectrical charges caused by the action between the potassium ion (positive charge) and the sodium ion (negative charge). This bioelectric action exists in all of your body's cells, in nerve transmissions, in the red blood cells and even in whole blood.

We could take a sample of your blood and spin off the fluids to leave only red blood cells, then place these cells under a microscope. If we then brought a magnet close to the cells you'd see the cells all spin around and point in one direction. The magnet 'lines up' or polarizes the ions and iron in the cells. (An ion is an atom with one electron too many or too few). When the cells spin around, which way they spin is extremely important. The north pole causes the blood to spin in a counter clockwise direction and decreases hydrogen concentrations. The south pole cause the fluids to spin in a clockwise direction and increase hydrogen production. The south pole offers a positive form of energy and speeds up activity. The north pole provides a negative form of energy and slows down cellular activity. If you can understand that the principal effect of magnetism is to control the hydrogen ion you'll have a better understanding of pH. The control of the hydrogen ion is the single most important chemical action taking place in your body! All disease and health depends upon how your body handles the hydrogen ion.

Every single organ and all of your tissues have a set hydrogen concentration known as potential hydrogen (pH). The hydrogen ion controls the acidity or alkalinity of your organs and tissues. When you know how to measure and control this hydrogen potential you have the answer to solving all of your health problems by getting into a disease immune energy field. Your body normally controls the pH through your nervous system (which is why stress is so damaging to you). Medics describe your nervous system as consisting of two parts; the para sympathetic system and the sympathetic system. Though it may sound confusing understanding this will definitely help you in your self healing efforts, so read on.

The sympathetic nervous system activates the adrenals, pituitary, heart, thyroid, ovaries and gonads by increasing the hydrogen ions. It inhibits the stomach, liver, intestinal tract, pancreas and bronchial muscles by decreasing the hydrogen ion.

The para sympathetic nervous system does exactly the opposite, ie; it activates the stomach, liver, intestines etc. and inhibits the adrenals, pituitary, heart etc. by increasing or decreasing the hydrogen ions. Thus, this change of energy acts to speed up or slow down the function of the organs and tissues. If the heart is too slow the sympathetic system speeds it up. If it is going too fast, its the para sympathetic system that slows it down. In order for the entire nervous system to operate properly in this way it must have the proper concentration of pH!

Therefore, if your body can keep your energy fields in correct balance you can attain a disease immune condition. Degenerative diseases then start going back to a normal state and normal health returns. According to Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer magnetic energy and proper placement of that energy to the areas involved is an easy and fast way to bring the body back to this important balance. [The Dr. uses medium strength magnets for 1-3 hours daily for most of his treatments but normally, if continuous treatment is desired he substitutes 'bio bandage' type magnets. In other words for long treatment times, such as overnight, he prefers a weaker magnet than is used for short treatment periods. This is where a bio bandage and magnetic bed pad would prove invaluable].


Soviet researchers are also convinced that magnets act or living things through water or water solutions involved in the functioning of cells and tissues. As we've mentioned, magnetic fields can change the ionic balance of molecules (and thus their pH content) but an additional fact should be brought to your attention. Heating water also changes its ionic balance and induces an excess of positive ions - which can produce health hazards of its own. Once thought to be ridiculous, today magnetized water is becoming universally accepted, even if it can't be fully explained. Water passed thru strong magnetic fields is now being used in industry and medicine in Russia, France, the U.S.A. and other countries. The Volga Research Institute now irrigates huge areas ,with magnetized water. The water has been found to give a 28% increase in winter wheat, 17% in corn, 37% in cucumbers and 32% in tomatoes! So impressive have been the results that a special crop sprinkler is now being mass produced, which magnetizes the water. (A similar device is also being tried, here in Washington state, to increase the fertility of rainbow trout)! In addition, factory engineers in the Soviet Union are using methods of steam boiler water magnetizing for reduction of boiler scale and the textile industry is experimenting intensively with dye magnetizing.


To continue on, magnetic fields also effect your circulatory system. Research in 1981 proved that magnetic fields effect electro cardiograms (EEG). Alterations in the brain's T wave were reported at very low intensities and were shown to be due to he electrical potentials associated with the flow of blood through the magnetic field. (The process we explained earlier). Several studies have thus demonstrated the feasibility of exposing the entire body, or a large segment of it, to an outside magnetic field in order to effect blood flow rates in major circulating vessels. (This is the theory behind the benefits of the magnetic mattress pad we're offering).

In view of the deprivation of magnetic energy in most areas of the country, coupled with electro magnetic pollution by power lines and numerous household and industrial devices, it isn't surprising that the bio-electric field surrounding and permeating your body is not what nature originally intended it to be. Any departure from the same kind of electro magnetic environment under which life evolved on this planet may be responsible for a variety of physical and emotional ailments. This problem is what one leading Japanese Doctor, Kyoichi Nakagawa, is now calling "magnetic deficiency syndrome". Nakagawa published an influential study in the Medical Journal in which he described this syndrome and its remedy - magnetic treatment.

The doctor first noted that the strength of the earth's electromagnetic field (EMF) has decreased 50% in the last 500 years and continues to do so at about .05% yearly. He pointed out that modern living conditions with its steel buildings, cars, trains, buses, airplanes and subways, all deprive humans of the necessary, beneficial and regular exposure to EMF. The average person, he concluded, is therefore deficient in low level EMF intake, and as the human biofield is strongly linked with that of the earth, various vague but chronic forms of disease have set in.

Nakagawa's remedy for magnetic deficiency syndrome is extremely simple. He recommends that distressed people wear a magnetic necklace, bracelet or ring, or use 'magnetic buttons or sleep on a magnetic mattress pad. (These should all range from a few hundred to 1300 gauss). "Generally, these magneto therapeutic devices apply a stationary magnetic field to the human body," Nakagawa writes, "the various discomfort symptoms can be improved within a week in most cases. Regarding side effects, we could not detect anything serious but did have occasional reports of people feeling a 'rush of blood to the head' or a 'dull headed feeling.'

The concepts of balance between Yin and Yang come to mind, although it appears that most illnesses are caused by deprivation of adequate north pole energy, which seems to be the condition of our age. South pole magnets can be helpful when applied to chakras and glands which require stimulation.

Most of the experts agree that sleeping in an electro magnetically "low volume" environment, may be bene- ficial to almost everyone - especially patients suffering from what is now being termed as Electro Magnetic Syndrome (EMS).

American researchers have determined that bedpads with alternating magnetic fields, side by side, do not provide the most beneficial energy. It was learned that blood vessels aligned properly with a pole (North/Negative Energy) magnetic strips caused the blood vessels to open, allowing a greater low-pressure flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body while at the same time inducing most of the benefits that we outlined earlier.

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