EVERY living cell transmits and receives energy across the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves through infrared, visible and ultraviolet wavelengths. Biophotons provide the means for near instantaneous communication throughout our bodies, and create an intricate web of energy within ALL living systems.

In 1923, Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsch first detected this non-thermal, electromagnetic energy. He called it "mitogenetic radiation" to describe it's effect of stimulating growth. Laboratories throughout Europe and the U.S. confirmed his discovery. By the early 1970s, biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp and others had developed extremely sensitive equipment, which made it possible to quantify this energy.

Popp advanced a revolutionary theory of startling simplicity and power. According to his calculations, whatever controls our biological processes must operate at the speed of light. Anything LESS would be far too SLOW to account for the pace of cell-to-cell communication necessary to sustain life. Popp showed how an organism, depending upon biochemical or molecular means of control, must inevitably fail to regulate metabolism and growth. He proposed that biophotons activate and direct MOST, if NOT ALL, physiological processes!

The significance of this theory is ENORMOUS, and should NOT be LOST on those of us, who practice Oriental medicine! Scientists in more than a dozen countries have felt STRONGLY enough about the importance of Popp's work to form an international network of research laboratories to investigate biophotons. Popp and his colleagues in laboratories in a dozen countries continue to study biophotons and the human energy field, and they have made some startling discoveries.

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