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"...a novel treatment for drug addiction - a treatment that may work by striking a melodic chord in the brain. The Walkman look-alike transmits a tiny electrical signal that appears to harmonize with natural brain rhythms and, in the process, reduce craving and anxiety. Or at least it worked for [Peter] Townsend. The little black box, he says, saved him from a nearly suicidal alcoholic binge that eventually drove him to heavy tranquilizers and...[drugs]."
"Patients feel only a slight tingling, yet this mild therapy subdues violent reactions."
[This quote is from OMNI, Volume 5, Number 4, January 1983.]

BT 5 PLUS... The Alternative
"Operating Instructions" - Copyright 1985/1990 Robert C. Beck.
"NOTICE: This device is intended for the investigational, academic and educational studies of the effects of electrical pulse repetition rates and their harmonic frequency content on biological systems. It is not intended for the specific treatment of any disease in animals or human beings and is limited to use by research scientists, medical practitioners, or qualified individual investigators. No medical claims are made or implied in its use... Bibliographies or articles which may be available are for study purposes only and are not to be construed as labeling."
[This quote is from Bob Beck's paper, which continues with a description and references for this experimental device.]

Black Box Is Drug Cure Says Expert
A Black Box said to cure drug addiction is interesting New Zealand's medical experts. Hibiscus Coast resident Ray Crabb says Neuro-Electric Therapy can beat the addiction in 3 - 10 days. The former director of California's Borderland Research Foundation claims the device is being suppresed by the drug industry. But Tom Joll, Taranaki Hospital Board's drug alcohol treatment centre director, says he has talked to inventor Dr. Meg Patterson. She has used the Brain Tuner to treat rock star heroin addicts Boy George and The Who's Pete Townsend. "At this stage we have opted to wait and see the results of Dr. Patterson, using it in London. We are certainly not opposed to her form or treatment and I would say that it has possibilities."
Mr. Crabb claims doctors are burying their heads in the sand. He says the device, which uses a weak Electro-Magnetic signal to stimulate the brain, is cheap, safe and produces results quickly. "If it is good enough for pop stars, then why isn't it good enough for Joe Public? It is only a matter of time before Brain Tuners are in use." said Mr Crabb who is to lecture on the device in Auckland at the Alternative Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition in March.

The battery-powered, electronic mechanism of the Brain Tuner is in a little black box. There is a white yoke under the chin, that carries the signal to the contacts in the hollows under the ears.
NOTE: These are MAJOR Acupuncture Points for the head area.

THE BT-5 Pro BRAIN TUNER - Neuro-Electric Therapy
This Electro-Magnetic device puts out a very weak, pulsing signal. When turned on, the signal radiates in ALL directions. When held close, the body's Nervous System picks up the signal and responds or resonates to it very weakly. Body response is 70% stronger, if the contacts or electrodes are touching the body anywhere. The whole system responds to the signal.
However, it is reasonable or logical to apply the contacts to the local area of the body, causing pain or trouble -- though 1000s of years of use of Acupuncture in the Orient has proven that this is NOT necessarily true. Because of the interconnecting Nerve System -- or Meridians as they are called -- treatment in one part of the body can affect other parts. In modern times the weak, pulsed Electro-Magnetic signal has replaced the twirling or vibrating of the gold and silver needles of Acupuncture.
Effectiveness of the NET or Brain Tuner Device was established by a Chinese Acupuncturist, Dr. Wen, in Hong Kong in the 1970s by testing hundreds of patients at a clinic, most of whom were on drugs of one kind or another, alcohol, nicotine, heroin, etc, consciously or unconsciously trying to relieve stress, largely a mental condition?
It seems that the body -- or Brain -- gives up making its own pain-killers, Endorphins, when a person turns to drugs; but putting a weak EM signal into the body, especially the head area, stimulates the brain into producing Endorphins again. Amazingly, the craving for the drug disappears in three of ten days and without withdrawal symptoms!
Dr. Wen found through experimentation that the most favorable place for the electrodes or contacts was the hollows under the ears. The EM signal does not have to be felt by the subject or patient, though in some devices with power controls the current can be turned up to where a slight tingle is felt. A stronger connection can be made, if the contacts are moistened. They can be placed on other parts of the body, if local treatment is desired there.
The clinical approach is 15 or 20 minutes per treatment, once a day. Those office visits are important to a doctor, but a person with his or her own NET Device or Brain Tuner can treat themselves as often as needed -- though a person should keep in mind that body cells react immediately to minute pulses of electric current and one can have too much of a good thing. Probably the most important part of treatment is the intention of the user. Do you really want to change yourself for the better?

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